Real-Time App For KenyaTalk

hello guys, what do you think of a mobile app for KenyaTalk where the feeds/messages show up in real-time? such as in the images below:

[ATTACH=full]40372[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]40376[/ATTACH]

Unatengeneza free @admin hana kakitu


what do u mean by realtime messages,coz am quite sure i dont need a notification on my fon everytime @uwesmake calls me a mwizi


In a way that the alerts get to you instantly without the need to periodically refresh the pages. Notifications can be put on silent.

Unatengeneza, mimi nitadownload

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Lakini NV siunajua unaketi Wapi

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Ndo nipate annoying notification kama ya whatsapp na face book no thanks siwesdownload

Have you thought maybe we really do not want that social media kinda thing.
We prefer logging in when we want , mambo ya notifications wachia fb and the others .
Hapa we come exchange experiences and insult others and just have fun.

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mi nangoja tu


i would like one…try ikuwe kama forum …forum app is better than the communication one.

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