Real Talk

All the pictures in the black head, are things that the white man has made up, and planted in the black man’s mind to make us think it is real. Not one, not a single one is real.

The pope and taylor swift arent real? :eek:

We chose to subscribe to these things. The white man hasn’t assimilated us to any

even the jolly roger is white?

Shallow reasoning.
Taylor swift=white supremacy fashions & mode of dressing

They never forced you to follow them,they are busy doing their thing and you busy following them while yapping.
instead why not creat your own black equivalent basi.
Nyinyi ni wale wa kushinda oooh whites this ooh whites that alafu ukienda movie shop unaambiwa kuna movie mpya ya kenya unaambia msee wa movie aache jokes akupatie the new batman vs superman.
watch ur shit n let people be

bullshit talk

Despite Nigerians making the ‘spider girl’ …

Wacha porojo wewe the pope is universal Infact mwenye Yuko sai ni sud Americano

Who dresses like taylor swift? I know of guys who wear Air Yeezy, Jordans. . . . . .

movie swafi sana

Nawatch Batman V Superman na sisumbui

Hiyo itakusumbua

Most boring Batman Movie

You lie deorro! You lie! The movie was not perfect but it wasn’t that bad. It was simply dragged down by marvelcentric critics!
This thing down here is definitely worse

you can’t compare BvB to what Christopher Nolan created

No argument there. Nolan set the bar quite high or maybe batman vs superman was too ambitious but I think it’s failures were magnified by expectations and the DC vs Marvel fanboys B.S. Overall I didn’t think it was half as bad as people made it out to be

I think that We Africans don’t have any pride of our own to begin with otherwise tungekuwa far saiz if we stuck together and lept away from slavery in all forms from the get go. Hollywood is a tool born out of propaganda and the American dream is a gay nigga. Mic drops*