Real Talk

Depending on how you take care of yourself physically and financially, if you hit 30 bila bibi na watoto, you will have only two choices. Single mother or MGTOW. That’s it. There are a few exceptions here and there (don’t be an idiot and start giving examples of these exceptions), but that is the general rule. Ninjas here say that there are millions of young and childless women to choose from, which is true. What they don’t tell the young lions is that there are also millions of choosers doing the choosing. Naonanga MGTOW niggas like @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii telling young niggas not to marry in their twenties. Where do they expect to get 18-23 year-olds at 35 yrs (without it being a financial arrangement)?? It is laughable. In my opinion, only men below 30 have the luxury of saying with finality that they cannot marry a single mother, because they actually have a choice. Niggas above 30 saying that they cannot marry single mothers and yet that’s the only type of woman they can access :D:D. Very few men are actually in good shape physically and financially after 30 to get childless women. For the average single man past 30, the fact is, you don’t have a choice. Either ukae single till death ama uoe single mother. Young lions, listen to my advice, oa in your twenties don’t accept to be misled by single childless men in their thirties. This will hurt many men’s huge ego’s, but it is the truth, and it stings like a bitch.

If you see a single man past 30, just know that the nigga is trying to rationalize between staying single forever (MGTOW) or marrying a single mother (damaging his big ego). :smiley:

Mashoga Going Their Own Way hawatafurahia hii ,vaa helmet :D:D

Watu wakae kwa plantation bila kusumbua. Misery loves company.



Wewe ni mjinga sana. I can’t advice young men btw 18-29 to marry because their frontal lobe is not fully developed. The frontal lobe is termed developed at 30yrs.

In layman’s language for you to understand: Buruwein yako ikifika 30yrs ndio iko fully developed to know what your purpose in life is. Buruwein ya ladies inadevelop mapema hence they should get married in their 20’s.

Niaje ngombe

:D:D no you didn’t

I don’t subscribe to the philosophy of marriage, it is a trap for juvenile males, so I will reserve my comments. About kids, indeed the world has become a toxic place to raise kids, anyone who desperately wants to raise kids should keep the number minimal (1, at-most 2), you will enjoy life, you will have time on your plate to explore life and you won’t strain financially.

Caveat: Don’t impregnate a single mother, raise you own bloodline without contaminating them with genes of other weak males


Hio sheng ni ya kitambo

So unataka boy aoe at 25 and then what? Aanze kuzaana kama panya, sio? What will he be doing at 35? Still with the same bitch he married at 23? Hehehe!!

Nigga u must be high on some stupid shit man. I don’t blame you, badilisha diapers za meffi polepole mujamaa, naskia u have a special needs niggalet ndo maana uko na machungu hivo na MGTOW. Sio sisi ndo tulikuambia uoe at 21.

Kama kwenu sista zako wote and female cousins zako wote walikuwa singo mazas by 25 years, then don’t force your predicament to the whole world.

Let me pour another finger of Glenmorangie single malt, flip some sirloin steak iko hapa kwa oven halafu nirudi.


Its simple if you come from a rich family marry young. If your background can be compared to a church mouse please DON’T. Get your shit together first and try to break from that vicious circle of poverty. What people dont know is the reason for our existence is discovering our purpose not to marry and procreate. That comes second after you have created a conducive environment for your family. The same way birds build a nest and foxes dig dens. If you have created that environment in your 20s well and good go ahead if not then wait and until your nest is ready. Even if that occurs in your 40s. I am not that much a spiritual person but If God wanted He would have created Adam and Eve at the same time. But NO, He had an assignment for Adam first.

Kama akuku danger made 38 under 18girls pregnant na akaoa your argument is null and void. kubali you suck at women. Speak for yourself

This is laughable at best , marriage is a contract that is controlled by men , women can’t choose themselves as marriage partners.Women control sexuality and men control marriage, stability and resource. Women can’t reject you if you aren’t playing.

I thought base za muguka zilifungwa … tsk tsk. Umefikisha goro ya ngapi sai kaka braza?

 i know where this is coming from :D:D:D:D

Oh dear… Is this true? It’s not a laughing matter ooo…:confused:

Enlighten us, we help out a brother stuck in the mad

The man can only sire retarded idiots wakiwa na @Uncle Thio. They just can’t help it:D:D:D