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Leopold II was very mean, may he rot in hell.

I doubt that six million holocaust figure though, the numbers might have been inflated by Jews just to gain sympathy and to justify the formation of Israel. In the above video, Hitler had a point.


As a young man I read Adam Hochschild’s King Leopold’s Ghost and wept. Fuckking Mzungu

Highly recommended. Mwenye anataka link aseme.


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Hapa (Will start download if you open the link)

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And here we are still looking up to the mzungus for justification.

kuna PDF version?

Just finished it. Jeez ! Glad I did though. I had no idea what kosher slaughter was all about. That was gut wrenching and then the whole sucking blood off babies penises, WTF ! Just imagine the names they would hurl if it is Africans who insisted on maintaining these barbaric practices.

PS:Nikinyimwa entry Trumpland utakiona.

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EPUB pekee. Why do you prefer PDF over epub ?

pdf ndo hii.


Its just some practice those old hardcore jews used to do. They have mostly stopped because of the health implications of the practice.
Some still do it though. Like the ones who will rest on the Sabbath. Even turning on lights or a switch is forbidden, coz its considered “work”

All bullshit,humans are just evil in one form or the other,hitler banned vivisection of animals but let Dr Josef Mengele do it on humans,jews suck dicks of kids,hate their own man,jesus and call themselves the most holy yet they think the rest of humanity is crap and have been promised slaves in the afterlife by their god.plain stupidity


now go watch halal slaughter,camels to be precise,no difference with jews