And let me confirm to you: Raila was given the questions he was to be asked one-and-a-half hours before through a guy called Dennis Onyango.

You can take this to the bank.

The only other thing I can remember from the debates is the ‘walikula mbuzi yetu’ phrase from Team B.


Somebody mentioned Butt Hurt?
Waambie wajaze hii haraka…



I will supply the tissue

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14 days to go. Tupatane tu kea debe kura yangu inajua mahali itaingia

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How many coins do politicians add to your wallet?

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UK is overconfident.

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I think baba is too overconfident. Hawezi ata accept a loss.

Uhuru yaa Uhuru yaa… si mkasherehekee ushindi Wa Raila bas.

Alishinda nini? Wapi?

si wameshinda hapa wakisema Uhuru has lost votes, sasa mimi nawaambia wakasherehekee ushindi Wa Raila bas.

very true… ni ile design ya mko pale estate, you know a certain dude is gonna get slices from a lady and he is gonna go way over the moon with the achievement, so u just go to his digs well enough and stay put even if it means a sleep over!!! Ingekuwa Kalonzo and not Jakom, am sure some of the Jubilee pple would be undecided


…this guy Kaikai i just dislike him!!!

Wacha niseme ukweli,in a race between raila and kalonzo,raila tibim,hapana tambua water melon

but when you are doing Jubilee vs Nasa… put Kalonzo against Uhuruto, the damage is bigger on Jubilee. That said, i agree with you between RAO and Kalonzo, afadhali RAO… am imagining the guy was given 400m to step down in favour of RAO… hii ni watermelon mbaya!!!

I didn’t read that post however I’m going to reply

Ouru will be president on 8/8

Raila has damaged eyes

If elections will be rigged… Zitaibwo tu akiangalia…

Anyway I’m voting for Joe NYAGA

Hehehe…in plain sight na hataona