Uhuru doesn’t know how to debate based on statistics…he was gonna lose anyway…a sitting president who fails to show up on a debate to solicitice for his reelection has only one reason…He can’t defend the shitty job he did and is leaving dilemma to do the debating for him…What a shame.
The questions would have been more direct…He would have lost his temper, especially the scandals,tripled national debt, unemployment, failed laptop project and stadia construction. I mean,the list of failures is longer than achievements…speaking of achievements he only has SGR locomotives to show of it,which is still debatable whether we really got value for our money smh


We vote based mostly on tribal lines, his votes, majority of his votes are firmly secured. Attend the debate or not it does not add or deduct much from his votes. Funny thing most his voters will vote him not that they think he is a great leader just to prevent the Raila from becoming president



pia wewe ulikuwa undecided kama mimi?

Funny, a good campaign should now be hyping the highlights of their candidate at the “debate”…unfortunately all we are seeing is lamentations that they were denied a chance to mudsling…


When the gods want to destroy you and your legacy, they first make you mad.
I posted a thread yesterday about the God of Agikuyu and some sycophants were all over with matusi. As I say today, Uhuru lost 75% of the undecided voters. If you go by the IPSOS poll, he is now at 47%, while RAO is at 47.5%. If you go by Infotracks, RAO is at 51.5%
It’s a blunder that he will live to regret. Or was it the God of Agikuyu?
Time will tell.


very true

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butt hurt guys all over. I was busy making love with weights i forgot about debating shit.

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There are really no undecided voters in Kenya…kama mtu alikuwa na effort to go register as a voter and rven confirm their details…they had already decided.

What is your complaint then? You and other Naswa morons should be over the top celebrating your win. But no, you have to bitch all night and half the morning about Uhuru not showing up.


I dont have any complaint. I made my statement clear. But of course i notice you are a bit slow, and you easily catch feelings.
Izaa my braza.

Absolutely no feelings caught moron.
I said this should be a perfect opportunity for you to be celebrating not whining ‘if Uhuru had turned up’… bla bla bla.
He didn’t, enjoy your good luck.


Unaendaga gym?

On the flip-side, am wondering how sycophants like you would have reacted had Uhuru showed up and Raila not.



muhimu sana mkubwa

The debate now, in my opinion, should be about what points Raila scored. Instead, you people want to pretend that turning up is enough to sway people. Why should turning up on TV yesterday turn people to your side than when they bought airtime in all stations to present their manifestos?

My guess is that the organisers tried to bulldoze their way. They were told that campaigns must agree on who moderators should be, but they ignored. In the end they brought a known Uhuru hater, Linus Kaikai. In 2013, he tried to put Uhuru down by directing all the questions to him while ignoring Raila. I watched the whole debate yesterday and what I think is that those moderators did not have questions for Raila. All the questions were to be directed to Uhuru and Raila’s job was to interject.


Another thing I have noted is that these so called mainstream media do not upload jubilee campaign clips on their youtube pages.


Nice. Ni muhimu. Hapo tuko pamoja

How do you debate yourself and lose? I can’t for the life of me remember any point that wasn’t ambiguous. If the only thing people can remember is a joke ‘maghufulid her’ then the ‘debate’ was also a joke… RWNEBP


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