Real reason for the 'handshake'!

Uhuru-RAO handshake was a good gesture not only to Kenyans but to the world at large. On one hand, RAO came out as a selfless true statesman who has Kenya’s stability at heart. On the other hand, Uhuru is now a down to earth and prudent president with an open door policy to his political enemies, if only to make Kenya great again.
However, as usual, I feel there is more than it meets the eye in all this. I am not a political analyst but you all know how kenyans behave when such a small thing as a handshake happens. We must pull a ‘Mutahi Ngunyi’ analysis! In that case, there are 2 reasons why Uhuruto has decided to embrace RAO so tightly that baba can barely breath:
[li]The country is broke. That’s no secret. We desperately need funds in forms of grants/loans/aids/bribes/bonds, name them. Remember everyone is more vulnerable at his weakest moment. The US smelt this situation. They came running. Their main aim is to dilute the Chinese influence. Instead of giving loans like the Chinese, they promised to give us dollars for free but on one condition: the handshake![/li][li]The handshake is a win-win for both RAO and Uhuruto. For RAO, he is a true patriot. For Uhuruto, they are true leaders who love this country so much that personal interests come last. However, I smell a rat. Baba is being set up against his friends (Kalonzo, Weta & Musalia). He is being set up because Baba is the only one with high chances to beat William in 2022. If kiuks and Kales back Ruto and everyone else back RAO in 2022, Ruto will lose. Remember Ruto has a bad name. Not that he’s more corrupt than the rest. And so Uhuruto must ensure that Baba does not get that support by creating enemies from his strong supporters. That’s what happened with the Mau forest issue before 2013. [/li][/ol]

Nice sunday to y’all guys


By Baba leaving His lieutenants, He came off as selfish and conniving old man.
From where am seated, it seems Kenyas all Kenyans injustices will be swept under the rag once more to be used by the next politician who needs support.

If the reforms Kenya needs are to be implemented both principals stand to loose. That’s why I don’t see it happening.

They put us in a rocking chair. We are moving but going no where.

it is never that mathematical. in 2017 the everyone else you refer to were massed against jubilee but they still lost by more than a million.

And then, rat had not yet betrayed a large part of his constituents

The magic number was what Jubilee got in maasailand, Kisiiland and luhyaland. Without those numbers they could have seriously struggled to meet 50% + 1.

And what makes you think the same thing won’t happen again? with all the labels placed against the DP he is making inroads allover.

Knowing RAO, this ‘cooperation’ thing won’t last. He is someone who’ s very impatient. Just ask Moi and Kibaki. He would want to be patient but he just cannot, it’s something he can’t control. After NARC won the election in 2002, it only took over a year for rao to start a rebellion from within. Same thing happened after Govt of Nat Union. Very soon he’ll throw the kitchen sink at UhuRuto. The dynamic duo know this, and they’ll just laugh and high-five each other with ‘I-told-you-so’ overtones

mwaka gani na manung’uniko ya MOU yalianza barely two weeks into the NARC government.

ION- A question that has been nagging since the handshake - was he given a prepared speech to read? Who wrote the speech and typed it seeing as he did not have any aides with him (ok, ok, i know it is possible with technology but…) ?

I knew raila was a jubilee mole. :D

True but hio ya MOU ilikua cold war. After a year it was an all out war

how long have you been out of this country? I mean, who places confidence in figures provided by IEBC

:D:D we have no one else to trust!

you trusted a politician?

Lakini I will miss bashing RAT and watch his supporters catching feelings after. Who am I kidding, the bashing continues.

Everything about NASA revolved around Raila.
According to his statement he re-evaluated the situation, much easier done after Miguna exited the scene.

He had indicated several months ago he was ready for talks, the speech was probably written months ago, perhaps it was the conceding defeat acceptance speech slightly modified.

he had to present his written speech before hand to be reviewed and approved otherwise they were not going to put him infront of a camera. Either that or akina Itumbi&co.WL wrote it

kuna mtu alikuwa ameshikwa by zile mtu alisema za chebukati zilishikwa, sivyo?

Write your reply…Eventually he had to think of his self interests. From the agreement, he is to have an office, advisers and a number of vehicles at his disposal.
His retirement pension package has already started to be calculated. He will be overseeing some of the Jubilee developments that bwana Spear will be posting. He is not a fool.
It’s alleged that the trio, Weta, Mudavadi and Kalonzo were to have a secretive meeting at Sigoi with Ruto this weekend. Rao beat them at their own game.
Political realignment is quickly taking shape for 2022.
With the current situations, there is no opposition, everyone wants to be in the government.