Real quick

nini inaweza maliza hangover haraka upesi, Am meeting a client in a few hours na sai nafeel kama zombie zile za the walking dead

Maji kwa wingi. Aspirin + Paracetamol +caffeine. Hydrate and hydrate some more.

Single tot of vodka, plenty of water, mara moja tablet, cold shower and lastly milk with honey before you leave. Works for me.

Toa lock.

Orange or mango juice. Works like magic.

Mara moja+ Ice cold water+ hot shower+(oranges, tangerines fruits)

toa caffeine hapo.

pure water and plenty of glucose only. hata matembe wacha after the glucose the headache will go quietly…

Maji, a plate of food(to stop the stinking of the stomach), and coffee.

Also take a dump

A shower alafu kula mananasi

Whisky/vodka 4 shots with your fav juice. Hizo zingine labda kutoa lock ya kc coconut.

Kunywa mayai

Thanks wasee nimechapa 2 shots za vodka alafu cold shower…it works…now am off to meet the client

Why not just stop taking alcohol. Kwani nani atakufa mkikosa kulewa?

Hakuna msee amegusa 30k yako mblo. #endmonthtings

This is very true with guiness and zappa

Black currant kama litre moja hivi

Hakuna mtu amegusa hiyo for the last 8 years coz of #endmonthtings. Wanaiguza coz I want them to. When I want them to and for a reason

i don’t want to undermine your confidence but if you came to me smelling vodka, or whatever other alcoholic drink, as sure as the earth goes round i wouldn’t give you the job. and yes, i drink, but work and alcohol must be kept apart…

Tulia mzee you sound like my father… the meeting was successful