Real "Opulence" Or Hidden "Poverty"?

Another stupid Luo man has displayed opulence with a fuel-guzzling fleet of wedding rides.

Photo: PK PK, Rodney Abel Amollo. Source: Facebook Fuel guzzlers In a viral video

[I]Obenge Philemon’s fleet of top-of-the-range cars is parked on the shoulders of the road before driving off to the ceremony in Rarieda constituency.

In a single file, the wedding fleet was led by a Toyota Lexus, similar to the one owned by president William Ruto, as other fuel guzzlers followed suit.

The video elicited comical comments from netizens with some women stating the groom was making other men appear weak financially. [/I]

“Luo man (Obenge Philemon)'s entourage as he goes to pay dowry for his wife-to-be in Siaya County,” read the video’s caption.
Fans reacted to the viral video and below are some of their sampled comments:

faithnamisi122 wrote: “Mnafanya our men wanakaa jokers huku nje. Pressure is getting worse.”

_maureenmukua wrote: “Car hire ilikuja kusaidia.”

_k.a.m.y wrote: “And then there’s your Kikuyu fiancé with his Probox convoy.”
rozziem3 wrote: “It is not the size of the entourage matters, is the size of the heart matters.”

How do you pay dowry for a Luo woman?

Visit the home with at least 3 friends as arranged or announced…meet elders, pay a little sum and deliver at least 4 heads of dairy cows.

Eat a sumptuous meal, and leave after tipping “the cooks”.

Not a complicated affair unless you want to be a showoff.

Nyanza has the highest poverty rate in the country. But Luos want us to believe otherwise. Iko sida!


Lies poorest rates ziko Turkana, Samburu na Pokit huko. Wacha wivu pesa ni zake. Akitaka kuhire ata private jet shauri yake.

Where did this notion of poverty rates come from? Umewahi skia relief food huko?

Luos wanapenda sifa, or do I say.

Wacha phil akuje kinyoss yangu ingine pale Rang’ala alete Nyandia ninyoe yeye abwenye kabla ya honeymoon

Even poverty of the mind is still poverty, and Nyanza leads in poverty of the mind

It’s unfortunate that you just know he got his money from stealing. I wish there were more people we could look up to in this Kenya

Eti poverty of the mind. No wonder unajiita pepo. If you watched the Supreme Court proceedings, you should have noticed something - the lawyers were more learned, more eloquent and more capable than those very very stupid and incoherent judges like Koome. Luos are the brightest, top every academic and professional endeavors in Kenya.

Same case with the vetting of cabinet nominees. Owalo outperformed all those other fellows. Wivu itawaua.

Thread inanuka tu wivu :D:D:D:D

lying won’t make your tooth bigger than it already is… compared to that kashit hole you call kericho na eldoret, nyanza is decades ahead of yall

Jaruo ni very generous. Hao ni semeji yetu

Evidence of competence is a win. Not subjective.
If you ‘feel’ like the lawyers were bright, thats none of our business. Its mind poverty to believe only they had the purview of knowledge in law. Ama Omera pekee ndio wanakuwanga law school?
Luos are the brightest, top every academic and professional endeavors in Kenya … Not seen a Luo top my class in the many years of my life.They are equally good but to claim top!!! Hekaya hiyo
Again, where is evidence? Or is it a feeling?

Same case with the vetting of cabinet nominees. Owalo outperformed all those other fellows Ngombe ni Ngombe tu. You suffer from Ethnocentrism, poverty of the mind and many other psychological conditions your puny mind cannot comprehend. So, wank yourself silly looking at your tribemates photos, because you believe they are ultimately the epitome of superirity, na ukimaliza usisahau kunywa ARVs , then wake up and continue tarmacking in Inda kwa muhindi ndio uweze kulipa your 1 tin room hapo kibra.

what is oppulent about cheap used 8year old + japanese mtumbas? enyewe ufukara inatusumbua akili sana.

Mkona wivu na ukabila, pesa ni yake ajibambe

Skia fala.

Do you even know the meaning of Ethnocentrism?

I corrected your notion of ‘poverty of mind’. Your comprehension of written text pia ningumu - I said ‘lawyers’ not ‘Luo lawyers’. ‘I said Luos are the brightest’, that is superlative, doesn’t imply others are not bright. I gave the example of Owalo coz it is clear he outperformed the others. I was correcting your notion of ’ poverty of mind’. I did not have to. Prejudice borders on stupidity.

Unlike you, who is attacking Luos, I have not attacked any group. I have no problem with any group, sisi Waluhya we are friendly to everyone. We are not here for matusi za kikabila. There are good people in every corner of this country. And of course, people like you too. I find no gratification in insulting people or groups behind the keyboard.

Ethnic group has no bearing on the success or failure of an individual. Just sort your insecurities as an individual. Mjaluo hajakuzuia kufanya kile unataka. Pia wewe ukitaka kupeleka mahari na chopper, peleka tu. You will be spending your own money. At no time will you ever find someone by your door dictating to you how to spend your money, or asking for a share.


Kikuyu man now outshines Luo men as he hires 2 choppers and lands in Kirinyaga in style to pay dowry for his beautiful wife

Sunday, October 30, 2022
A flamboyant Kikuyu businessman set tongues wagging after he displayed opulence while paying dowry for his wife.
The flashy man known as John Cena is a close friend of Kameme FM presenter Mzee Kiengei.
Kiengei, who was the official emcee, took to his Facebook page and shared photos of the colourful dowry ceremony held in Kirinyaga.

The businessman and his wife arrived at the event in a chopper.

He also hired another chopper for his close friends.