Real night runners discovered pale U.S of A !

More spooky videos of Ahmaud Arbery walking around the construction site in the dark talking to himself while shaking his hands. He then takes off into the darkness at lightning speed while wailing out what appear to be Luhya war chants.

Hii ni kama ile movie ya found footage inaitwa Paranormal Activity. Labda kijana ameingiwa na ile madimoni ya hio sinema.

Either that ama alikuwa amevuta ile bhangi ya Busia.

Naskia ukivuta hio bhangi ya Busia unaweza lima msichana hadi umvunje miguu.

Na ati unaweza kata miwa acre hamsini pekee yako kwa giza.

Na unaweza chapa isukuti hadi ubomoe ngozi.

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Homosexual Monologue expats

Very true.

Kesi kwisha,kijana alikua mwendaa. I love americunt justice

Wachana na hio nugu. Amenisifia juu ya hio nchi na vile nachukia nyeuthi utafikiri alikua anasoma biography ya me. He knows things you dont know:D

You wake up in the morning and review your security camera footage and see someone walking around your compound and then you just chalk it down to, “he didn’t steal anything”? The CNN guys are trying to justify this behavior.

Night runners tulieni. Hata sijasema ni mluhya kama nyinyi, nimesema labda amevuta bhangi… ya Busia. Labda!!
You never know.

Na hapo kwa monologues enyewe @uwesmake don’t be unfair. There is only one master of monologues and that is @uwesmake and his 96 handles.

Hata hii session clerk inakaa suspect. :smiley:

Mwenye hio nyumba ako na sura inatisha.

What behavior? He didn’t steal anything. Maybe alikuwa mfurutaji fangi, or was just really interested in the progress of that construction project. It doesn’t justify the rash action by those vigilantes.

If a maafaka overflows into my compound, especially at night, I will probably shoot him.

You might shoot him, but that won’t necessarily make it right. Besides, that site didn’t belong to the guys who shot him, so sijui kiherehere yao ilikuwa ya nini.

And you are a wise man for waiting.

The property owner said that there is a water source outside the frame of the cameras.
Ahmaud was likely just quenching his thirst after a tiring run or jog. He did that for months.

It’s all over the news. Case finished.

The guy was going there to drink water.
It’s all over the news, and confirmed by the property owner.

Midnight jog eh? In cargo pants. There’s gotta be more to this.


Hii kitu ni complicated. The owner of the hoyse says he doesn’t know the killers yet the killers appear to know him well.

The first time they saw a black guy in that house Travis is said to have chased him away. Travis is the son who did the actual shooting.

So could it be that they all agreed that the next time they see a black fellow they would shoot him?

And remember the father in the pickup truck is a former cop who it appears knew he could get away with murder. He was protected by a prosecutor who seems to protect cops. In 2010 cops shot an innocent woman in her car and this prosecutor killed that case!

The bigger question is, was this a simple case of vigilante justice gone wrong or have the local cops been killing people until they fucked up this time round.

You see unlike kenya where investigations are done hapo juu juu tu, in the U.S they want to dig deeper. Who is this mzee cop? As a cop is this the first time he has shot someone or does he have a history of killing victims/suspects. And who protects him when he kills.
Did he setup his own son???

So far I think its vigilantism gone sour. Coupled with trigger happy fingers, Those dudes look like people with 10 guns in the house. Looking for the slightest provocation to discharge their firearms.