Real Niggaz in the Struggle; you not alone


Dont post these BS here!!!

I’mma stick it in your ass, bitch ass nigga

Ferk you …and ferk your whole clan

I don’t answer to you …Mitch with a welding joint name

I’ll fuck up your maternal aunt …n technically u know who!


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I know purrrfectly where I am going, smooth.butt

You just invited floy mayweather to a fist fight …and heeeeeeeeeeeeeeell I’mma serve it to ya …spit those teeth out

Your names like a cheap lodging pale tea room …

Hehehe…Leo zime kurarukia asubuhi sana…

Ask around, I am the lord of this

Turn around, spit on it, I am outta lube

Thats the BS I foresaw!!

Ferk you …u didn’t get schooled properly at that D.E.B school? …or you didnt even forsaw the use of English?

Mitch, stick to helping your clan out; we plained ours

Beat fire. Lyrics kawa cliche.

can relate…started from scratch

Its not the poetry or lack of it …its the power of the song to lift ur resolve up just before it goes forlorn

I get you. On that, it’s one hunna.

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