Real Foolish

Stupidity is at an all-time high in this Nation … :D:D


Nikisema Africans H=have LOW IQ simunasema ni self hate?

I have seen this video doing rounds online and it has been edited and it is playing in Reverse, so some negro boneheads believe it is witchcraft hawawezi reason eti ni video playing backwards. Aliens watuhurumie waongeze number of brain cells kwa negro craniums


@Ndindu and especially our resident Black Male Hater , @Truman Capote :-

Idiocy , Stupidity , Ignorance , Backwardness and all negative behavior traits are UNIVERSAL …

They have no Race , Creed , Class , Sex or Age barriers …
These behavior anomalies are found World Wide …

During my short but very educative and enlightening stay in Europe and North America , I was privy to witness and intervene professionally in some very good examples …

  • Playing “Russian Roulette” at drinking parties ( …this involves taking turns to fire a loaded weapon at a body part … serious injury or death … ).
  • Scuba Diving in flooded caves ( … death by drowning… )
  • Shark Diving (… swimming with Sharks … our local equivalent would be Lion cuddling … absolutely deadly …)
  • keeping dangerous reptiles as pets in a home with young children ( … 18 foot Burmese Pythons , Rattlesnakes … deadly …)
  • Free Rock Climbing ( … climbing vertical cliffs without safety harnesses …)
  • Running Bulls or Bull teasing …(… serious injury …)
  • Vehicle “Chicken” Events …( attempted high speed collision of 2 vehicles … the first one to swerve is the “chicken” and therefore looser … it gets interesting when no one swerves … :smiley: ).

And there are plenty of clips on the Internet to illustrate this Idiocy … :D:D

Add to this list ice fishing and zip lining across 3km-wide canyons. People simply do insane things

Ujinga hauna tiba

This is sad. Many will not live to see 2022 because of their risk taking nature.

Look at how many people came to his rescue. One was swept away by the rapids.