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Is the Kenyan property bubble about to burst?
In 2011 around Luthuli Avenue, a 5 x 5 feet stall rent ranged between Kshs.30000 to 75000 depending on its proximity to the nearest street

na sasa? [SIZE=1]tutasema mara ngapi statistics are bure without a reference point[/SIZE]…


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How much are they charging today for the same 5x5.

Even if that occurs do not expect a scenario like that of the US years back, In the US their market is financed by mortgages whereas here it is mostly financed by cash

Burst how?

What are the dynamics of a burst property market? Ghost towns? Ghost apartment blocks? Ghost malls? Is an oversupply/glut what you call a burst property market?


There will be no burst. However, those buying plots in the hope that they will appreciate are in for a rude shock. Those plots will indeed appreciate…at a much lower rate than in the past, because they are buying those plots at their future prices today.

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Currently, Uchumi pulled out of Unicity Mall (K.U) as the anchor tenant. Now, Unicity is the first ghost mall in Kenya.

That mall should be renamed Ghost Mall

That mall should just be turned into something else, maybe hostel en will have ready market

The only thing I do at that mall is fueling at the petrol station right next to it. That mall has zero traffic. K.U made a huge mistake.

Mugenda made a killing from kickbacks! She retired a happy woman.

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I am yet to see evidence. I don’t support her. But evidence

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look who is asking for evidence @shocks

Umemuonea 18!

Hii ndio shida ya watu, kutumia words they heard on the media bila kujua zina mean nini exactly. How will it go burst na most time nunulia na cash/sacco loans. But this craze of buy today and flip it 2 years down the line it itaisha, already supply ya tuburoti tuko msituni ime exceed demand

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Hio bei ya 5*5 stall along luthuli ndio tunangoja kuambiwa…

:eek: Does this paint any better picture?Strange all this is with regard to Nairobi,what about other towns?Could it be better that a general overview not be given much weight since all this reports and data is based on the findings withing NAIROBI,MACHAKOS & KAJIADO?