Real Estate Is Overrated: Data Shows

I see . BTW niwie radhi but huwa sielewi hizi hesabu za tiny plots. Hapo Aussie nacheki 540m sq. Hiyo ndo ploti ya 50x100 ama , altho shouldn’t that be 5000 msq.?

Forgive my ignorance me ni msee naishi Kwa family


Square feet ( 50×100)= 5000.
In square metres (15×30)= 450. Mansion haiwezi toshea, na ikitoshea hakuna space ya kuotea jua.

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50x100 means 50ft x 100ft = 1/8 acre = 0.125acre = 505 m2. Therefore those plots za Australia at 540m2 are approximately 1/8th ie 50x100.

500m2 can fit a 5bdrm house. That is how many people live in cities world over since you cant house everyone in 1/2 acres. House below is on 500m2 plot.

1/4acre is about 1000m2.


hahaha, hio ya mahindi huudhi sana - the place becomes a hideout for crooks and squirrels also multiply zinakuwa kubwa hata paka zinaogopa.

what is the obsession with “touching the road.” In more evolved places, property directly on the tarmac is seen as low value because of increased noise pollution and increased risk of being plowed to death by trucks. Do you sleep to the sound of noisy lorries or why is touching the road important. Explain to me?

Though so too, for me the further away from maraiya the better coz I don’t wanna be dealing with noise/dust/foot traffic near my place. Bora Niko na maji Safi, stima na internet am golden. The only place nimecheki naeza ishi in peace hapo jiji ni Karen ama huko Limuru away from the main roads

The craze for mburoti maguta maguta is slowly whining off, it hit it peak several years ago, and as @Gaines is saying, the days off buying land for speculation purposes are long gone.
There’s is a very high possibility that, in a middle icome residential areas, round up 10 people, 7 of them will be owners of multiple empty plots somewhere in the republic.
Come to the Diaspora and the story is the same.


Real Estate iko sawa but you need to make some really good bets otherwise utauziwa a heap of sand in the middle of nowhere. Even more ghoulish, ujipate kwa some shady saccos with double allocation na kila mtu ako na title.
VERDICT: Kuna watu hupata some lifechanging returns wengine ni handicap.

You sound like the dragon fruit battalion. It may sound normal to you but you’re actually in a cult

Exceptions do not make the rule. Hiyo data inasema people who speculated on land ten years ago have not made any significant gains on average.

I do not partake that :rofl: . The land craze is a simple issue of leverage. People buying undervalued, overvalued or imaginary land, do the math.

Acha nikupee simple example ya the stalled MauMau Road or any proposed major roads. If the economy will permit or for political reasons whatsoever it’s completed, hapo ni ‘maguta maguta’ kwa some feeder towns. The speculator is a gambler because it’s a low lying fruit, the only thing you need is cash money ama loans. As it is, hizo pesa zimelala or accruing bank loans. The investor knows that’s a lousy bargain and the speculator knows what they know.

Dragonfruits, quails, …. sijui cactus are some poorly done marketing ployss. In any case, the export market is more cutthroat than ‘buroti maguta maguta’. Kufanya international deals peke yako takes a lot of heart considering you’re already exploited, in addition utaanza kuwekewa some weird standards upige mayowe. If there was a government backing like for flowers as compared to cartel-ridden tea or the wild west dragonfruits , maybe and perhaps maybe, I’d consider

Data says otherwise. The highest paying investment from Dec 2007 is land, next is bonds which beats property and commodities. The point here si kujenga(you need 3 times the land value to build some decent structure that generates 10%+ revenue ), it’s speculation.

Commercial building pap, that’s why.

You are too deep into the cult. A road does not automatically ad value to land. There is no relation between a highway and the value of land. That only used to apply in the 80s, and 90s when people could not afford proper cars, and muram roads were in a bad state. With modern cars, high speed internet connectivity, and the general change in infrastructure, there is no need to build on the highway, you can still access food, internt, and transport without being on a highway

It’s called the Greater Fool Theory. Why do you accept useless fiat currency or any trade for that matter ? Because there’s another idiot who will accept it and give you the goods that you want. If in the chain one idiot realizes they are being shortchanged, the market corrects itself. So if mashamba hazitakua na any utility one day, then we shall see no more fools trading, until that day I rest my case and shall not argue on this topic anymore.

Fiat currency is not useless, but it is also not a store of value

We have a shortage of fools, the old wazees who began the craze are now in their 50s and 60s. It is no longer possible to just scam youths, who have access to the inflromation superhighway, and can clearyl tell when they are being tricked. Those prices cannot rise above 1m anymore. The era of sending bone dry deserts for millions is over. Saa hii plot zimekwama hapo kwa 500K, na ata ukisema uko na 200k unaambiwa chukua na usiambiane

for proper speculative gain, buy land for your grand-kids, they are more likely to benefit from the same.

no they won’t stop extending the scam