Real Estate in South Africa

I’m thinking of buying some property in Mzansi, especially Bloemfontein…who has been there, done that? What are some of the pitfalls to avoid/consider? Asande mno

ningekusaidia but I think you are trolling

Mpatie tu info ndio anice…

Enda Sunninghill,Fourway au Midrand.

Kuja ,Houghton estate ,tukue “neighbours”

Dude, you’re like those first time bikers who ask me about whether to buy a Yamaha Tenere.

What makes you want to buy property in SA?

Yeye anapenda kumwaga ndani

The xenophobia there is insane and can be quite deadly. The watchman and gardener will conspire to murder you the minute they found out wewe ni African foreigner.

Why would you buy property in SA badala ya hapa coast?? Mimi nikajipata nimekafunga ile serious I just buy a second home in Coast, some beach-front property.

Not true…one just needs to avoid highrise apartments…those one locals can easily turn against you especially in joburg…and also avoid low cost areas…target should be from R950k and above. Cape town suburbs are the best esp towards the beach…surprisingly cheaper compared to Nairobi.

Maliiyamungu kumbe umetorokea huku after kumalizwa kule MMNN? @Meria Mata ebu kuja rudisha hii lost sheep

Following closely with @Mercynnjoki

Saitan Niki rev jincheng saidi kama iko gear 1 inaruka juu hama horse yet clutch iko ndani saidia mimi isikuje kunimalisa.

Kaza cable ya clutch, umbwa ii.

Sande baba omosh na urushie tortoise cabbage diep.

Tusipimane kipara.

Supreme leader yako imefika mgongo. Nakuheshimu.

What the hell do you mean juu sikuelewi??