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Do you find them shocked when you pull out the forms? Their eyes usually become as big as saucers whenever I do that unashangaa why is it so easy to agree then difficult to sign.

Exactly. But they need the money.
I don’t give them any other option.Either they sign or I walk.

I do the same. I didn’t learn how to read and write to keep using word of mouth like a caveman

for you mutheu i will sign anything cause after the deal my dick might take a plunge into your voluptous grotto lakini kwa ndume NAAAAH

Nilikuwa kwa iyo situation 2 weeks ago na sikujua ni biz inalisha watu
Beste ya mine yuko majuu alikuwa adai shamba Muthaiga. Kwa iyo hali ya kumtafutia shake na kupigia mabeste, nikaget connection ya old boy wa primo ako real estate. Akanisho juu namletea biz atanisho ujanja
So akani connect na buda alikuwa anauza shake new Muthaiga, nikaandikiwa 'authority letter-authority to sell kwa jina yangu na yake na tukaeka commission ya 3%.
Tuliandika offer letter kwanza ndio tupewe deed plans since titles can be cooked
Wacha niseme tu transaction bado inaendelea


I believe the only way to pull this off is to use a lawyer as some people have advised above. Sign agreements and agree with the lawyer that part of the cut is his. You could still be conned by the lawyer but given your situation, I dont see how else you can proceed.

:D:D:D:D:D I get such offers often that is why a signed agreement is very necessary for me.

Just get a signed contract. Print one or have a lawyer draft you one or a small fee. That way you appear to be a pro. Your rich friend wouldn’t risk going to court. Also make sure to collect commission from the buyer and from the seller as well. Max 3% from each side . I would do 1-2% from each. More important is to make sure to communicate with your friend beforehand that you will charge him something small.

tosheka na 50k brathe
story za % hizo utapigwa chenga

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Get lawyered up and do contracts! Thats the only way you will not get fucked

Hi! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the real estate agent directly. Many companies on their websites provide answers to the most common questions of this nature.

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You can also get an initial consultation online. If you are looking for a competent broker, I recommend Mortgage Advice Doncaster, who led our deal to buy a house six months ago. He is a very competent specialist who will give comprehensive answers to all your questions. But I do not recommend you listen to forums because they can advise those who do not understand anything about it.