Real effect of COVID-January 2021.

Three kids, first born joining University, second born anaingia form three and third born class six(in a new school). Fellow parents, let’s support and encourage each other. 1/4 of the parents won’t be able to take their children back to school.

Why give birth to three? Hao wote???

Mr. Clown, usizae basi.


True, I calculated taking kids to play at Luna Park left a hole of kshs 6,000 for an hour and half. Sembuse when fee’s is due. Tuko pabaya kama hakuna budget

Sijui unaji-stress nini bro. The only kid you should be worried about is the form 3 one. The rest can be ‘delayed’ by getting alternative schoolings until this shit-fill government figure way forward (right-now they clueless, wait for crazy mess on 4th. No water, social distancing, mask and congested classes since most private schools have closed down ).

Just keep them busy and sharpen them with some life-worth skills.
As matter of fact, old-schooling way is quickly being disrupted and soon it will be absolute so prepare your kids for curriculum-less future

Effects of LOCKDOWN. Covid19 scam has not affected us in any way.

The government has been in the TV daily threatening parents about not taking their children back to school. If you don’t want your skull cracked you better comply

Ju alimbiwa back in the days eti covid itakam? Ama wewe singo kid,mtoto wa mama?

@Mundu Mulosi usiworry mdau no matter how hard are the sun will still set. It’s just a passing glance God is in control.
You will back and thank God for how far HE brought you. [SIZE=2]sandaka kuja inbork nikupee till number.[/SIZE]

Hauna huruma!

Niko hapa kiamaiko nikikula nyama choma.

congrats omundu

Good advice Mr Ass.[ATTACH=full]341080[/ATTACH]

:D:D:D:D:D … Mgtow= Freedom!!!

Ati encourage each other :D:D:D:D

Good people, please stop bringing children into this world to live a mediocre life.

Shit happens, so many people are affected by this Covid thing, that was my point but as usual wajuaji wa hii kijiji will always try so hard to miss the point.

The real losers are kids from poor family. They were already marginalised before Rona came but this now is a double blow.

An education policy would have come in handy. Has first born applied for a HELB loan?