Real Bonobo From Equitorial Guinea

Just imagine 38,000 Sterling Pounds per night, multiply that by 2 weeks. His dad is world’s longest serving president.


You can’t blame him. His people have known what this family does. They just haven’t stood up to him, why? His family is part of the majority tribe in equatorial Guinea, meaning, they have that mentality of “mtu wetu” yet mtu wao and his family is the one plundering his country. Just like these idiots that were screaming “tano tena” over the alcoholic yet the alcoholic and his family are the ones who have pretty much destroyed our country.
Equatorial Guinea has changed very much over the past 20 years, actually since the last failed coup attempt.
Their road coverage is better than that of most if not all African countries,but the people are too poor to buy cars, so the elite are the ones enjoying it.
There was a guy I met in uni who’s dad was some military guy in Equatorial Guinea, we initially thought he was a refugee until a fellow Cameroonian in our uni gave us the info on him. He too is from the same tribe as the president
At the end of the day, if the people of Equatorial Guinea stood up and decided to kick this man out, they will become the most developed African country in 5 years tops! Equatorial Guinea has one of the highest GDP per capita in the world. Its a small nation of about 2 million people with more oil than Nigeria! That is wild money!

Prince William akifanya the same mbona sio shida and yet there are 320,000 homeless peole in Britain?

:D:D Saa unataka kusema ukiangukia the same position hata Diani hautawai fika juu ya kuwa clean and incorruptible?

The British are full of meffi. Hebu Google vile royal family na house of Lords huwaste pesa za hio nchi yao.

Sijasema hivyo. At least watu wapate maji ya kunywa, infant mortality rate ya Equatorial Guinea is one of the highest, most people live in slums. Acha watu waishi vi decent at 1st, then enjoy. Mtu ka huyu anakula ata pesa za rent za watu wa slums. Vitu zingine huleta aibu ndogo ndogo za upuzi. I understand that people become greedy when they become powerful, but some things even greed cannot make you blind to.

Hizo pesa hao ma brits wana waste hata si zao, they are still earning from land they stole from countries they colonized. Just like the French, who don’t like to bathe, they’re still earning from countries they plundered

@kichwakubwa Low IQ issues… Its a failure to utilize its resource because of low IQ… And Equatorial Guinea dont have more oil than Nigeria… And the reason for High GDP per capita is oil ofcourse, not necessary that the people are living good. GDP per capita is just gdp devided by population, and since the country has big oil production, which only the elite has access to, and small population then it gets big gdp per capita , just like Gabon. Thats why HDI is a better measurement which EqG has low of.

This is what happens when you hate yourself and your people.
Ndindu akipewa billions he would also leave Africa for expensive Euro countries kutangatanga and socialize with the snow-monkeys he admires & hopefully breed some ugly mix-race babies while he is at it to reduce the percentage of inferior african blood in his lineage .

This story is as old as @Couch potato :smiling_face: . Keeps being repeated every year. And he will do the same next year and the year after. This ninja boasts the best IG models in his “been there, done that” bedroom resume.
Anyway Google is your friend. Enjoy the read.

Stupid comparison

Why? Because he is white?

Watu hawatawai ishiwa na mashida ati waishi wote vi-decent. Ama ati waache kucomplain. Hata uwajengee nini. Kama uko nazo ishi vipoa, you can’t please or rescue them all.

hii hesabu ni simple mbona inakusumbua?
Like I said, equatorial Guinea has a small population of about 2 million people. Thats less than Nairobi. It has a higher gdp than nai by sijui 5 times.Nairobi has sijui 5 mill people, at least 3 mill wako na maji na stima.
So, let the people have running water, electricity, functional hospitals and a good education system that will produce citizens who ultimately won’t have to depend on hand outs. Hio pesa wangetegemea hand outs, kula hio to reciprocate. Fixing those few things will improve so much. Hio tu. Hizo zingine anaeza kula, its not about pleasing or rescuing people, just having functioning facilities and institutions peke yake. Is that too hard to understand?

Look at this moron who talks about IQ and yet he can’t comprehend the most basic things. If the country has a super-high GDP and a small population, that means with good leadership and better resource distribution and development measures, everyone can enjoy a relatively decent quality of life.




Nairobi county alone generates double what the whole of E. Guinea generated in 2018!

Guinea is wealthy yes, but not as wealthy as the wazungu media like to portray her. She doesn’t export hundreds of billions worth of crude like Saudi.

Guinea’s crude exports for 2018 was Crude Petroleum ($3.65B), Petroleum Gas ($1.3B).

The people who do all the complaining on behalf of Guinea are the wazungu not the citizens of Guinea herself! You are just regurgitating the mzungu narrative not the real Guinean narrative.

And what have we seen from the past?

The wazungu in this instance the British, don’t really care about starving Africans at all!

Because if they did they would criticise all dictators equally. For instance take any Arab country e.g Saudi another oil producer.

There is a lot of inequality and poverty in Saudi Arabia. But you will never hear this newspaper above criticizing the Saudi dictator or his massive extended family for buying ferraris or bugattis using Saudi oil money!

The British will never go after the assets of the Saudi family. Hio ni double standards.

They criticise Obiang’s son for buying a lambo but heap praises on the Saudi king when he uses a solid gold escalator to exit his aircraft. And yet the Saudi guy is similarly wasting money! Slaves in Saudi earn zero.

The Arabs treat African slave labourers like meffi but this newspaper ignores those Africans in Saudi or Qatar but wants to dwell solely on the Africans in Equitorial Guinea. Why??

It means there is something they are after in Equitorial Guinea. It means there is something Obiang is doing that displeases these wazungu.

Is this it???
From left, President of Equatorial Guinea Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and President of China, Xi Jinping

What else have we seen in the recent past?

The same media will criticise a leader e.g Gaddafi or Mugabe and call them corrupt greedy fossils but once they are removed or replaced nothing changes in those countries! You remove Obiang and the economy will become even worse.

These economies never improve! But this same media won’t criticise the new guy for his shortcomings!

When the arab princes from oil rich countries flaunt their wealth in london and elsewhere, the white man never complains but when a black man from an oil rich african country does the same they condemn him.



[SIZE=5]Number 2 you talked about the lack of electricity and water in Eq. Guinea.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]But the same internet that is so biased against Teodoro Obiang says that he is working tirelessly to expand the electrical grid :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]"[COLOR=rgb(71, 85, 119)]Equatorial Guinea continues to invest heavily in the production and distribution of energy. The following power projects are scheduled: Construction of the Sendje 200 MW hydro plant (4 x 50 MW) – 2017, Construction of the Djibloho dam with two turbines of 42.5 MW…"[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The same govt is also working on water and sewerage :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Maybe a few videos can tell us something. Is this guy really the worst president on the planet? Look at the roads.[/SIZE]





If the Kenya govt was to take over the ill gotten wealth of British royals and lords on behalf of poor British citizens would we hear the end of it?

There is illegal British loot hidden allover Kenya, what if Uhuru took over those palaces and helicopters hidden in Nanyuki ?

Wikipedia can be edited by any and everyone with an internet.

I just mentioned that they have roads but most people are too poor to even own cars. Look at those roads and look at the handful of cars. I haven’t even watched the video because I know what I will see
Instead of coming into conclusions from internet videos, why not just travel more and meet people from that country who can tell you what that place is really like?
If I was to depend on YouTube and wikipedia, I’d be convinced Kenya is the greatest country in Africa and konyagi as one of the best presidents, yet we all know thats all bullshit

And I’m supposed to believe you because you’ve gotten your intelligence on Guinea from whom???

Si umetoa from the same mzungu media???

Not unless you say that you have travelled to Equatorial Guinea physically and traversed the whole country living amongst and interacting with ordinary Guinean citizens for at least one or two years otherwise usituletee makelele. :smiley:

The first video is totally unbiased because it is from a simple girl who lives in Poland and has come to visit Equatorial Guinea and introduce her new husband to her extended relatives. She has no agenda or political propaganda on her mind.

A greedy president would not be interested in building roads or expanding the electrical grid for his people.

You clearly didn’t read/ weren’t paying attention to what I was posting throughout the thread. I have to go . Baadayez.