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How I wish, this would happen one day in Kenya, a nation at the mercies of corrupted solicitors who are basically the kings and queens of the society they control by instilling fear to the public and unleashing day to day terror from their positions of power and authority.

[SIZE=7]Disgraced former Labour MP Fiona Onasanya struck off as a solicitor[/SIZE] Onasanya CREDIT: EDDIE MULHOLLAND

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6 AUGUST 2019 • 1:01PM
Fiona Onasanya, the disgraced former Labour MP jailed for perverting the course of justice, has been struck off as a lawyer for trying to avoid a speeding fine.
The 35-year-old former Peterborough MP was barred from practising law after a Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found she had acted dishonestly.
The one-time Labour whip was jailed in January for three months after being convicted at the Old Bailey for perverting the course of justice. Her brother, Festus, who helped her cover up the crime, was jailed for 10 months after pleading guilty to the same charge.
The tribunal sitting in London today found she had acted dishonestly, without integrity and failed to uphold the rule of law or behave in a way that would maintain the public’s trust.
Edward Nally, the chairman of the three panel tribunal, said: “The conviction has led to disastrous consequences for Miss Onasanya, both personally and professionally as a solicitor, albeit not a practising solicitor.
“A solicitor owes a duty to the court, as an officer of that court. While a parliamentarian makes the law, a solicitor must uphold the law and the rule of law. Sadly, in this case Miss Onasanya has failed.”
She qualified as a solicitor in 2015 and worked in property law until her election in June 2017, six weeks before her Nissan Micra was filmed speeding at 41mph in a 30mph zone in Thorney, Cambridgeshire.

Fiona Onasanya (R) with her mum Paulina CREDIT: EDDIE MULHOLLAND
Onasanya denied driving the car, instead telling police a Russian man lodging at the family home had been behind the wheel. However, it emerged he was in Russia at the time of the offence.

Onasanya admitted she was a solicitor in “name only.” However, throughout the hearing she maintained her innocence, despite an appeal against her conviction in March failing.
“I maintain and stand by the fact that I didn’t do what I have been convicted of - perverting the course of justice. And, I am pursuing avenues to clear my name.”
She declined to comment as she left the court with her mother, Paulina. Onasanya was ordered to pay £6,562 costs.
Following her conviction in December last year, she was booted out of the Labour Party but continued to serve as an independent MP.
She served just 28 days of a three-month prison sentence and was released from Bronzefield prison in Surrey in February. However, she continued to receive her MP’s salary of £77,379.
She was kicked out of Parliament after more than 19,000 of her Peterborough constituents voted to oust her following her conviction.
She became the first MP to be removed as a result of a recall petition. She decided against running as an independent in the subsequent by-election, in which Labour clung onto the seat.

''She became the first MP to be removed as a result of a recall petition. ‘’

:D:D:D Atleast she became the first of something… These jungus are sneaky, were she born of a european family she would be fine right now… But i dont care about africans in european politics, literally helping your former colonizers. Its like when i was in France and saw black french military troops, i laughed. The french are busy raping your native land while you are busy ensuring that their country remains safe.

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