Ready To Eat Meat!

So its alot more likely a chic aged 23-27 is more likely to give in
Than mschana wa 18-22
I prefer my meat ready to eat! hehe
So back when i was almost 20yrs nilipata this 2 chics swimmo ingine pale Mirema hotel (iyo time hakukua na kitu kama tinder kenya- so you had to go out & hunt!)
Those were the days mtu alikua akitembea na 1000 bob mbele nyuma (ile daily allowance)
I buy them both chipo na soda and switch contacts with both
Since they are friends i decide to eat the looser one first… SUCCESS!
Then immediately move on to the next… Wrong STRATEGY!
Turns out walikua they told each other everything.
Sijawai rudi mirema since!


There was a pseudo-science article a while back about women with big chins being likely to be unfaithful. Not sure why I brought that up.

Now I know


Everything is big about them.
naona hapa
65 kilos each

Wewe ni shoga sana, mbona unaexpose watu hapa. Chunga sana ktalk csi wasijue identity yako,

Ata mi nashangaa mbona huyu mtumiaji tobacco ako na akili kidogo ivi


kuexpose nini?
this is story time for the village
shoga yet i banged your wife
akili ndogo but i make more cash than you


Haha ati make more cash, acha ninyamaze, your taste in women is enough for me to figure out the type of person you are. Takataka ghasia mefii hii

type of person with a car


Grow some canines

Next, *yaaaawn

Si hua mnasema hekaya lazma iwe na pictorial evidence?


ukona ujinga ghasia ii

ujinga yes
but all my stories are legit 100%