Readers digest...

I remember back in the day this magazine made my days and i would look foward to coming to nai to find my uncle stashed them in the store. Back then the connectivity was not as good as it is today there was no facebook, twitter and the few who could afford the expensive internet would waste it on porn. I remember reading of stories from canada to Australia balkans to the maldives inshort people spent time to read and write. You would only close your eyes and imagine. Today there are thousands of publications both in hard and soft copy but none comes close to the aura that the readers digest brought!

Used to love the Health and fitness section, twas so informative

Boss pewa chenye unakunywa, nimekumbuka I still have one stashed away somewhere in the house, thanks for the flashback

You would make @Nefertities shed tears of joy ukimtajia RD

My Dad who gave us all the love for reading books had a wall to wall bookshelf in the sitting room. Apart from the school texts books, it had various literature of Kenya, African history books from various authors, national geographics, popular science and readers digest. Everyday from 5pm except Sunday it was mandatory to read until supper as you take your evening tea. I have read so many books in my life on that dinner table to date. He used to buy older version of this books from Mr. Patel an avid reader himself at a big discount. When i was in class 6 i knew so much about the world and history than most high school students. It totally opened up my mind on how big the world was far away from our village. I’m now passing the same tradition to my kids.

Tunaipata huko kwa Birrionares news na hstusumbui.

I used to love them, still do. I had a friend who used to bring me some copies on resuming school after holidays. They are what I read on Saturdays.

Funny long time i could read them patiently saa hii hata ile kitabu ya rich or poor dad imenishinda kusoma