Read This, Ruto, Ultimate Alpha Male

Indeed, putting two and two together, one cannot but conclude the deep state exists and leading as proof, is the swagger with which Ruto walks and does his things.

The swagger Ruto has can only be the product of some firm believe, yes, he has the proverbial balls to tout the system, if not defeat it altogether — a feat that will be the first in our country’s history.

To be sure, not one person has ever daringly challenged the government of the day and lived to tell their story. If they did, it is with broken limbs and having survived various forms of punishment and torture. Count Raila Odinga among them.

So he fights the government he is leading?

He knows one or two things people don’t know. Those against him will be in for a rude surprise.


He has earned his page in our history books, “he took on the system, single handedly.”


His dick has stayed in your mouth for too long. Do you get paid to be his shill?

Ruto has never fought the government. He has always been a system man. No stand for anything except his wealth. No principle for the public good. He has also never excelled at anything.

Please feel free to marry him…