React Hooks is almost driving me mad.

Which resource do/did you guyz use to master React Framework?


I don’t know if this will work for you am no expert fyi

create a minimal or barebones Library that mimics react could be between 100-200 loc
continue adding features like hooks among others which you don’t grasp you can use gpt4 or any other online documentation if your stuck


Tafuta webdev simplified pale yt.

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how do you guys stay sane while using Javascript Mimi huona the whole ecosystem as complete madness


Sisi watu wa Angular are not that deep into the Javascript ecosystem.


Don’t jump into React or frameworks until you have mastered JavaScript, if you struggling with React, its actually JavaScript that you are struggling with.

Master vanilla JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

The world will be your oyster.


Typescript hucompile to Javascript.You will still have to master Js if you want to be good at Angular

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Redux na thunks ndio kuna kazi

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I concur js lazima.Once you go through it ni rahisi kushikanisha vitu kwa React.Mtu anafaa kusomea kutoka functions,methods,iterators and control flow and conditional statements in its various forms-if,else,switch statements,ternary operators,async functions and promises,including chaining promises,scope,error handling,dom manipulation


Niliwacha kupoteza time being a jack of all trades nikaamua python ndio mambo yote. Met all my needs thus far. But Low level languages kina C et al ni muhimu to fully comprehend coding. Without making a choice, utakuwa all over and not get the gems.

Anyway all coders know logic ndiyo muhimu, syntax ni baadaye tho sometimes devil in the details is crucial when debugging errors zile kizungumkuti.

With AGI logic ya coding low level ndio important while understanding specific application. Syntax with AGI ni karatas.


I didn’t mean the programming language I meant the ecosystem. Angular inakuja na everything built in. Meanwhile with react lazima ujue library kaa zote za javascript, a lot of things from state management, routing, forms, http client ni library. Na bado kuna next js on top of react.

That’s why a lot of react devs are fully immersed into the Javascript ecosystem while angular devs do something else like .NET or Java on the server side.


It took me 400 days to master javerscript. But ilinitoa jasho proper. Right now im trying to master php. The trick is to keep doing projects in it and build on that to more complex projects


Why be a master when chatgpt cando the job?

Chatgpt cant help in everything especially large projects.

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Pea chatgpt any analytical question such as a leetcode question and it will have a brain fart. People who actually have experience with AI/Machine Learning know that ChatGPT and the likes just glorified autocomplete tools and are incapable of true problem solving.

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But very few developers solve actual problems. Most coy and pase solutions from Google

Bullshit, You cannot master a language

Miritende ambia hao hii maneno. copy and pasting ndio wanaita solving complex problems


Yeah and that’s the difference between a software engineer and a “developer”