Re-open America protests surge nationwide

People are getting so fed up (and broke) of living under restrictions and they are beseeching the government saying, they would rather take their chances with the Wuhan virus.

Msito Alex Jones has the report on video.

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#OpenUp! …hata hapa kenya we need things to go back to normalcy

Pia sisi tuna subiri watu wa kibra watuokole

Except UK and France, two fcking colonial powers of yore, the rest of Europe opened schools and businesses this week.

Then what was the point of shutting down? Nothing much has changed. Mass testing is not where it should be. There’s no vaccine.

The anti-viral Remdesivir is showing hopeful signs but its manufacturer (Gilead) is severely limiting supply to some 130 centers globally until further studies can solidly prove efficacy. Nothing has changed. Will they shut down again once the cases start spiking?

The US is a bubble economy that is heavily reliant on rigid flow of liquidity! Their franchises are on their knees. And most have issues with cash flow. When the whole world closes up, the US is just as good as a Third World economy, if not worse. Some Africans, need no cash in pocket in order to eat. Yes, they( US) have big farms, big industries but they have huge loans that would make a mockery of a balance sheet! Yes, a friend says they are worth millions of dollars, but that is only true if they liquidate their property!!!

Who will bury People if everyone is willing to die?
This is the said generation that is ignorant, rude and has love for money

Watu warudi kazi

You support AJ?

It’s scary. Very few people are wearing masks. They’re not observing social distancing. They simply don’t care. I worked 24 hrs on Friday, then another 24 hours on Sunday dealing with covid patients. I‘ve lost count of the number of intubations I did in those 48 hours. People so sick from pneumonia, they can’t breathe. If these guys still want to be careless with their health perhaps they should sign a disclaimer saying they won’t seek medical help. I fear for what’s coming.

Mido class ghaseer

I like him. Though he’s a little cuckoo.

There is a motorcyle vlogger who was rescued from Peru to her home Netherlands and she says that on landing, she was shocked to see people not wearing facesmasks like in Peru.

personally i don’t care about Corona Virus.

Idiots are saying Covid19 is a myth while wearing protective clothing from head to toe

Yes open up better gamble with Corona than starvation.

I said it,when other countries open up ndio utaona African countries follow suit juu ya kuzoea kufikiriwa na mzungu.Thats when they will know that shutting down wasn’t an will never be economical in this era.

Germany,Denmark, SOME USA states have opened up beaches like Jacksonville Florida.

Look at Taiwan, Singapore,have their economies closed because there are Corona deaths and infections? No

South Korea has decided to open it baseball league still with new infections.

Ghana iliona ni ufala ikasema liwe liwalo,Tanzania ikasema kufa dereva genya konkodi,in Brazil the president is demonstrating against shutdown,Trump has joined kieleweke.

Hata yet inakuja even the govt has admitted that Kenyans cases are mild to moderate.

We are also opening up soon.

We should learn to live with Corona folks

mimi ni sufferer wa mungu

Hapo sawa. Young, healthy people are more likely to survive anyway, but keep your old folks hidden until wasome hii virus vizuri.

Those are atleast wise. The master idiots are the ones saying the same and protesting without protective gear

Uhuru a jaribu kuweka lockdown ataona cha mtema kuni.