After kifikisha Thresholds inabidi kunguru ajilete

Is this your first love? You seem very happy

Midterm Haijaisha kwani??

That’s what they always say before they start throwing up and chewing stones

Ati you have such a good d**k?
Compared to?
Kunguru detected!


Soo wewe ndio ule msee tunachezewa hii game na yy???

Technically if did not deflower her,by all means she in order to say that.

Mpaka unasema aaw…

Hii imewesa

@Ebru you know the drill son, Ebrufication icum kucum

Unajua maana ya kunguru kweli

hapo sawa

Any man who says ‘Aaw’ is a pussy ass homosexual

Ati “aaw”… That’s just absolutely fagocious!

Lol, these new niggas, smh

hehe ati fagocious.


ukona ujinga … are you from wakanda?

clearly you didn’t get the inside joke