Just received horrible news of sudden demise of a former long time member and contributor at the first Kenyan online platform RCbowen, (“wakwitu”).
Yes, we never saw eye to eye as we belonged to the two opposing political camps, but by the end of the day, we all brothers of the same motherland.
Pole sana kwa jamii na marafiki

Pole sana my heart felt condolences to family and friends.

Words fail me. I have cried this afty for you hun. :(. Wakwitu you will never be replaced.

cc @Njeri and many others.

Huyo ni nani?

Akifungua settings ulikuwa umeosha?

Na by the way alikuwa anafungua nini na vile na.imagine kuma yako ni PSV …Public Service Vagina

Niaje ile Ransom ya Sue Magara, unalipa haulipi?

Kijana inakaa una mengi ya kutuambia about this kidnapping


Do you get satisfaction ukitusi mtu?
Or you just hv insecurities n low self esteem (n a small dick) that you feel good when you hide behind a keyboard n spew words?

Tupange siku moja tupatane unitusi face to face I cut off that scrotum

He he he, nimewacha.


We all have our respective set of standards, here and as well as in life, so it begs why are you in your capacity as an Admin, you are facilitating lest endorsing defacing this thread?
Why not just start a new thread?


Totally uncalled for.

Relax, it is never that serious.

Hii @Regis2812 nikiangalia jina tu ninakwambia ni shoga mcoondu wazi


Rudi kwa gate wochi!