RAZIMA TUNGEPUNICH Season 1 : Meru edition

The unwashed masses of Mount Kenya East were the biggest supporters of the Kenya Kwisha administration. Arap Mwizi na Air supplier Gachagua told them their problems come from Uhuru, BBI, Handshake, State Agencies and State Kapsha.

All economic facts like Ukraine war were ignored.


The masses responded by saying RAZIMA TUPUNICH UHULU and voted overwhelmingly for Kenya Kwisha. Now after the elections all subsidies have been lifted and all excuses are now being used. Mara hakuna pesa, mara be patient, mara it will take time. As of now no meaningful initiatives have been done to alleviate any of the problems Kenyans are facing. Ruto and Gachagua are still talking about Uhuru, state capture and handshake as the price of food is skyrocketing to the point our brothers and sisters in Mt Kenya East are now consuming decaying carcasses :D:D:D



as hustler number 2 put it
if you are not invited to the table, paka lube, it will be a long 5 years

Never knew Meru County has such dry parts.

It’s an ASAL region


Kachakua has a recurring nightmare in which he gets undressed by state forces and his shamba boys finally being granted their heart desires of taking his nudes. He needs some exorcism of sorts! Someone needs to give him some perspective by comparing his tribulations to those of a young Raila. But if that sounds unpalatable, maybe compare them to those of his clansmen - maumau fighters.

Nonetheless this is quite unfortunate and entertaining at the same time.

The lower parts border Isiolo, Kitui and mwingi. Dry ASAL areas.

Lower parts? Isiolo?
Check ur Map again boy.

Upper Western part=Isiolo border.
Lower Eastern=Mwingi

It is unfortunate to see some people celebrating the hardship that these Kenyans are undergoing in Meru caused by the worst drought in decades.

Ojingasim is a curse.

Wacha ujuaji.

Lower parts in terms of altitude starting from the top of Mt Kenya in simpler language, the lowlands.

Kisumu watu wa meshiba mno