Raymond vs Gideon

Ati jonathan was poor???

Relative to the siblings. His net worth was estimated at 30M when he died. That’s what was declared for division. Gidi ako in Billions.

You’d be surprised… Gideon is a very down to earth guy. Having met him on several occasions at the airport lounge, he’s easy to engage and that kind of person can endear themselves to the commoners easily.

Edit haraka kabla geeeey batalion wafike

My sentiment exacto. I wanted to tell him to change it haraka sana. I am no grammar nazi as I murder the lingua as I wish but c’mmon now…


Forgive my autocorrect :D:D:D

Hata Baba alisema kutongoza mkamba ni kazi rahisi sana

He just needs to work on his public image and improve his public speaking

Gideon has great potential. What he lacks is grassroot outreach. He must develop solid friends who are not just after his money.

He is also out of the country half of the week so this is challenging.

i believe Moi ange groom Raymond , Gidi is too soft and Utopian

Raymond was among those who brought KCC down

Corrupt fellows like him and ruto is what most Kenyans want

Please do it na utuletee mbisha. Over to you guys.

If u read Andrew Morton book ,THE MAKING OF AN AFRICAN STATESMAN…moi was greatly disappointed by his kids apart from Gideon

Only young dimwits ndio hawajui Raymond


Compared to Gedion, Raymond seems tough spoken and has touch with the common guy.but its Only Moi who knows why he chose Gedion

Infact Moi couldn’t understand why they were picking their mother’s side over him, but that’s how it works. Jonathan was like the sworn Mama’s boy so Moi really sidelined him hadi his death. Alikuwa msee commoner tu kwa village. Very sad!!!

I remember when I was a kiddo seeing these guys while hanging around a friends house. They came with all that chauffeur-driven, curtained mercs with armed bodyguards. Like 4 of them, each had their own s500 and 3 security details for every car.
But they seemed to have achieved very little in life with all those advantages they had.

You have no clue what animals these moi kids were when the Dad was in power!!!

I’m told they were loud swaggering drunks in nakuru ready to pull a gun on a whim, they only became sober and down to earth, when the Dad lost power and Gideon was sucker punched by moi’s ex lawyer Ken kiplagat hapo ndio walijua hawajui.:smiley: