Raymond vs Gideon

Who else thinks that the moi family political fortunes would have been better had they opted for Raymond rather than Gideon.
I mean listening to Raymond all through the event, one gets the impression that he is a much better political player and somebody who can at least operate at a level near that of Ruto. But Gideon frankly doesn’t seem to have what it takes to challenge Ruto unless he is propped. He is too posh.

Hatutaki mambo ya moi’s tena.

The same was said of Kibaki.

Wakenya hawajui Raymond

Sasa wamemjua

Only Moi himself knows why he chose Gideon to inherit both his wealth and political mantle.
All else you can engage in is speculation.

Gideon Moi ata hajui Kiswahili. Atakuwa akiongea kwa rally kama mzungu?

Ruto will wipe the floor with him.

I used to consider kamwana a useless drunk in 2002. Infact, I was thoroughly amused by Mois choice. I guess the jokes on me as Kamwana is now president.

But I admit, Raymond looks like a better speaker on stage and I would put him at a level near WSR

Sikuizi ame improve .

Moi picked mediocre sons of his friends and and them serious politicians,businessmen and bureaucrats. He therefore knew what matters and Gideon will go places.

Kibaki was somewhat aloof but not posh.

I read somewhere that when Moi and Lena separated, Gideon sided with Moi as the other kids stood with their mum. That action made him the apple of his old man’s eye.

Gideon was trying to sound like a commoner by speaking Swa, but it came out as forced. He’s a spoilt brat and out of touch with mwananchi.

Niaje madam admin. Ni saidie na namba ya @TrumanCapote kesho am taking her out. AME umia siku mingi.

Hizi zote ni porojo tu.

Wanajua Raymond blankets

Blanket ya uwesmake

Konyagi has his mum and Ruto to thank for his presidential election successes.

No such luck for Doctari save for that old witch’s pact with his dad.

And barely anyone outside of the M01 clan and Rongai constituency has heard of Raymond. Hell even their half bro LK is more recognized than Raymond

Mshaanza kusifu familia tena yet you always complain of this kingship system of Kenya

Moi and Lena separated in 1974. The eldest child Jonathan was only 20 and he is the only one who sided with the mum. He died poor as a result. The rest went with the dad. Gideon was only 9 years old.

Gideon has great potential but is lazy. If he becomes serious with his humour he can win many hearts, juu wakamba na waluhyia hudanganyika haraka