Aki ya nani ii panya nikishika, I will take my time to ensure his transition to the underworld is slow and painful[ATTACH=full]165655[/ATTACH]

Watu wengine pesa yao inakuliwa na polisi, wengine inakuliwa na malaya na pombe, wengine sportpesa inakula lakini wewe yako inakuliwa na panya… ama wacha tu…

Hiyo panya kwani inajua pesa yenye iko na value zaidi juu imevamia kijirosh bila huruma

Take it to any bank, or CBK. As long as it has the value in the corners visible, you’ll be given a certain fraction of the note’s value.

Now I am wiser

For only 600 bob?

Why i may suspecting the termites ?


Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do…

Reminds me of one of the funniest movie scenes ever made: the rat scene in Bad boys 2. Cuban Drug dealer Jonny Tapia has a stupid problem: rats are eating his millions stashed in his ancient villa’s ceiling and so they call in the Pest exterminators:



So maybe you need a pistol like jonny tapia. In Miami and L.A. rats are so numerous they even hide in the giant and elegant palms along highways.

Hi @patco

Do you happen to have a gun rental shop