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wanawake wengi nowadays are “enlightened” prostitutes. You are better off building your empire alone than trust these snake charmers to be your business partner.

Christians ignore every African tradition except Mahari.

to my opinion ina make sense, and a good wife can make u grow fast, From experience hapa kwetu mjengo we have this cleaners ( stewards ), they get salo ya 15k pa month, Juzi another guy came with a new Boxer (nduthi) of a round 120k bila insurance and nyef nyef, to consult the matter niliambiwa the guy used kutega samaki uthumo before coming to city, he married this young gal class 8 dropout who used to sell Omena, so when the dude came nai kufanya kazi ya cleaning alibeba bibi and bibi moved kuuza omena zake, and since she had connections from uthumo, Omena moved well hapa nairobi untill she changed the life of his man… sahii poverty imewatoka,…this how it worked, the lady hangeomoka akiwa kisumu, and hangekuja nai bila Boi, and boi ameomoka cause ya dem

If you earn 300 bob daily and you marry a girl earning 200 bob daily, you will have a joint income of 500 bob and your expenses will go down because its cheaper cooking for 2 than one.

Marrying is the easiest way to escape poverty.

Jeff Bezos was an employee when he married his dear wife in 1993.

Jeff Bezos was a lord of the land when he parted ways with his dear wife a few months ago.

If you can get hold of this one,then utamake it…lakini ukipatana na hizi slayqkwin za thika,wewe kwisa(insert jang’o accent)

Kwanza izi zinafeel they are educated, aty wamefanya Ms office pale Nibs , isa throw , they dont want to get dirty kazi ni kutafuta kazi za reception

Kabisaaa…fake ass mbitches, corporate hoes.

:D:D:D:D:D:D For women, it’s the easiest way to escape poverty.
But for men, you’re alone in poverty. Hakuna mtu atakusaidia ni wewe mwenyewe.

Boy anaendesha nduthi na bibi anauza omena wameomoka? Kindly refer to the sheng dictionary for the proper use of this word.

Hii ni example ya umeffi. Ya Jeff Bezos ndio examples tunataka.

man , to them wameomoka, to us mayb bado, …The key is their life will change .

saa hii try tell any woman kwanza a nairobian ati mbecha yake ni yenu uone vile atakucheka akiendaga…:D:D:D

Omwami hapa hujawaambia musuri:D:D:D:D


you seem to be naive if you earn 300 bob daily and marry a girl earning 200 bob daily your joint income remains 300 your expenses go up since the woman will not help you and still want you to take care of her hair

Bullshit. Cases of poor couples with synagetic unions are nothing but outliers. Most peasants become even poorer after marriage. They tend to reproduce very early in the marriage making children like rabbits.
The guy and even the wife at this point has to abandon their self improvement goals and work like a slave on every of the shitiest odd jobs that come by. Most men will result to alcoholism leaving the wife to be the sole breadwinner and the misfortunes (or the consequences of poor decisions) go on. This script has been repeated so many times.

Fact is that marrying a GOOD WIFE (The Proverbs 31 woman) is one surest bet to reaching financial stability. .
And financial stability is relative. If you are making progress in life every single day then soon you will reach there.
I have seen guys who wasted their money in bachelorhood after wameoa wanafunguka akili wanaanza investments and small projects here and there with their wives and in no time familia inastabilize.
And these good women are too many. It’s just you uombe Mungu for discernment ujue who is who. Lakini ukizoea mapoko wa brothels utaishi kudhani kila mwanamke ni Poko. Marriages are working out here with total dedication and zero cheating. Nyinyi endeleeni kujiconsole in mystery.
But it’s also a fact that marrying the WRONG woman is one surest way to mystery.

am talking from experience

kuna different levels of uomokirization
kama ulikuwa ukiishi inje na unajifunika na magunia ya simiti alafu ukauza omena mpaka unaishi kwa nyumba ya mawe, hio hao itamkalia windsor

Hopefully the wife asimee pembe aanze ufala. Many a lakeside women would rather “kaa” kwa nyumba than go hustle. That’s the beginning of poverty.

GOLDEN NUGGET. And Facts too.