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I always wonder if you are a bot or you’re an actual human who just searches the internet 24/7 for pics to post here…what a sad life


takataka rexumbwa

@rexxnoogle is a villager in crisis. Elders what is the date for the next annual general meeting?


Between halal and haram.but leaning more towards halal.@cotedivoire…how much? Including ya kutoa?

Malisa hio humbwer

Taka taka ya manispa…

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, hapa I’m beholding nothing

and at that time @rexxsimba isn’t a beerholder

Ivory Coast atalipa 167(inclusive ya kutoa).

You are probably the Bot…
Since you have all the time to review my Bootylicious posts…

And if you must know , …
I have a very rewarding life making sick people like you well again … :smiley:

@ DIGI :
This is what I tell you all the time about the membership in here …

…Casting Pearls before Swine … :smiley: