Rate my website and offer feedback/corrections


The website looks great and from wappalyzer it seems the only 'framework ’ being used is bootstrap for UI, which is great im sure took alot of time, however, i do feel like its a little cluttered, for example there are 3 different ‘featured’ sections, the first black one makes no sense to me, and why is it black? also why is there a featured categories section? why would the categories need to be featured in the first place? Secondly cant the section with ‘return policy/terms of conditions/privacy policy’,at the bottom of the page fit in your footer as hyperlinks? and why does that section have a heading of ‘welcome to [company name] + slogan’ ?? Lastly on smaller viewports there seems to be two menus, a bottom one and a top one, the bottom one is intuitive albeit its being blocked my your whatsapp pop up, but bottom one also has categories?? seems redundant … Other than that, great fucking site dude, keep going.

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What’s your SP? How different are you from other merchant sites like Jiji.co.ke, Tesadeal.com, Jumia etc? And why should I trust to use your website?

Good question. We offer affordability and reliability all in one space. We strive to promote trusted sellers and source quality products to your door step with pay on delivery options as you seat back and shop online.

I like it. I’ll look more into it and give deeper feedback but the layout is great

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Remove the requirement for logging in for checking out. Maximize your landing page above the fold by placing crazy offers. Use ads

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thanks manze for the insight I am working on it

A lot, actually. Very lucrative, but also very tough.

  • You’ll struggle collecting payments - Mastercard, Visa, etc. won’t touch prn.
  • The space is also ultra-competitive, and unethical. Routine DDOS, malware-infested ad-networks, etc.
  • Hosting videos is also incredibly expensive (YT barely has competitors)
  • Child porn

Best of luck. E-Commerce is really tough. Especially deliveries. If you haven’t, give that a lot of thought.