RAT says Matiangi a threat to the hand shake.

My question is, between rat and His excellency PORK Uhuru, who needed the hand shake more? will he go back and beg for the flower girls forgiveness after burning bridges? Talk about delusion of grandeur:):p:D

[SIZE=7]Matiang’i’s ‘reckless’ remarks on judges a threat to handshake - Raila[/SIZE]

He knows this time ni yeye ameshikwa makende.
He’s just creating some wriggling space.

malaya mungiki @ranny umeosha hio kuma yako cafu

habari ya canaan? thakwe ino!

hapa hujambiwa poa :D:D:D

hio kuma yako chafu yafaaa iingishwe mulingoti ya kibukusu mpaka kwa mukia

in the words of my current crush…NONSENSE!

Ghasia wewe wasichana wetu hawabudu mboo zenu mashroom ndogo hizo fupi … mefiii

Mefii tena

Let’s be frank, this is RAT and it was expected. Let him make noise to remind people he is still around. Did you think he enjoyed having miguna take the limelight for a week. On CS Matiangi, he is wasting time, he serves at the pleasure of the President, that handshake he begged for was only for him and Winnie. UhuRuto are busy at work to notice.



Matiang’i is anti establishment. Ndio dawa ha opposition. He’s rabid dog whom everyone is afraid off. Nakumbuka walimu ma Sossion wakileta ujinga. Teachers in every nation are a force to recon with. Eventually walikunja mkia.

He spoke the bitter truth that people were fearing to speak out about civil society and judiciary