Rastafarians have spoken


Black people anywhere have no ability to reject anything pushed on them by USA.
Jamaica was probably carefully selected for starting this “experiment” and those flags will start appearing in US and other “woke” countries embassies all over the world until it becomes normal.

LGBTQ is a big part of NWO

Get ready to see the same flag right here in .ke, we will also probably make a lot of noise but it will stay and become normal.


[SIZE=5]Wagwan? Saw that rainbow flag as I was going to play golf last week in Kingston.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]It should be removed and handed to its rightful owner @uwesmake .[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Me stand wid da Rude buoys and Bad gyals![/SIZE]

I dont condone the faggotry but jamaicans forget that the american embassy represents a government in a foreign country and the land it sits on is considered a territory of the yunaires steits.America does what america wants.Besides,jamaica has a buttload of patricias so sioni kwanini wanaleta vurugu.

[SIZE=5]Omera use your common sense.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You can’t visit your neighbor’s house and erect nude photos of yourself in his living room.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The embassy sits on Jamaican land, not American land.

The flag should be exported to Washington DC, ASAP. Donge?[/SIZE]

Matumbo rudi tu huko kwenu ken.yanlist.net ukasifu jubilee development together with other bitter males aged 53 years and above. Thank you.

This noisy japadhola from Kendu bey by name of @Tom Bayeye Okwiri Jarateng doesn’t know any better than to flap his toothless lower mandibles whenever he hears the name America being mentioned.

Alinyimwa visa ya U.S mwaka wa 1997 and he is still bitter. He wanted to go and play basketball for the Chicago bulls alongside Jordan.

He settled for the lesser illustrious career of shaving people’s testicles the Jordan hairstyle instead.

Babylon nuh welcome in Jahmaika

Hiyo Umana itaisha

But it is considered to be part of USA. Jamaica has zero jurisdiction.

[SIZE=5]Wrong. Jamaican territory, Jamaican rules.[/SIZE]

Buda. Hata hapa Kenya, American embassy is USA, Tanzanian embassy in Nairobi is TZ. Kenya has no jurisdiction whatsoever.

We will not accept gàys in this country

[SIZE=5]A country cannot simply set up an embassy on foreign land and begin promoting it’s own beliefs.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Assume homosexuality is accepted in the US.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Unless they receive a go ahead from the relevant authorities, or such is accepted in the respective foreign territory, they cannot force foreigners to adopt their own beliefs![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]That is the concept of jurisdiction.[/SIZE]