there is no such word as rastafarianism…Rastas believe that “ians” and “isms” represent the corrupt “Babylonian” system that oppresses people all over the world. Considering themselves a religion or an ism of any sort is seen as accepting a system that is anathema to what they believe…same to us you dont understand the right word should be overstand.oppress should be downpressed…
Rastafari is not a religion but a Way of Life. Although when people look at the faith we have, principles that we keep and the type of scriptures we read it can be mistaken for a religion, because it has many similarities from the known religions of the world notably Christianity, Judaism and Islam. We live by many of the same laws and philosophies and pray to the same god YAHWEH (called Allah in Islam).

                                           Still we do not like to be labeled as a religion and by making that statement, we are not a religion, simply because we have the right to define ourselves in whatever way we please to. We know many people will say that a religion is defined by certain aspects and that when you fit into that, you are a religion. 

[CENTER]Definition of Way of Life

  1. A course of conduct.
  2. A mode of action.
  3. A typical way in which a person or group lives.
  4. What people normally do or have.
  5. The behavior, habits, customs etc that are typical of a particular society or person.
  6. A style of living that reflects the attitudes of a person or group.
  7. A lifestyle.[/CENTER]
    The Rastafari way of life is basically very simple, it just asks some conscious awareness and commitment.
    blessed day brethrens may the irator be with you

True. Its not a relegion

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It’s not and will never be a Relegion!

just a bunch of people who drink bangi !

people mistake it to a relegion…

weed is a holy herb and should not be abused as snoop does by smoking a whole container of it

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Who said it was we all know iyo yote ni bangi kwa wingi