Rashid the Killer Cop amemanga two Mathare Slums teenagers

Y’all remember the cop who shot and killed a teen in broad daylight pale eastleigh? Well he is at it again.

He arrested these two boys after a failed uwizi ya mobile phones
Their names are Peter Irungu and Brian Ma’ngaru (Shiny eyes).

By looking at keja ni maboyz walikuwa wanaishi maisha ya poverty.

So Rashid and his crew took the two boys to a certain petrol station. Maboyz were told to face the wall and say their last prayers.

Brayo started to plead with Rashid. He told mahns ati “please please nimewacha crime, nisamehe …sitaki kukufa…nakuomba please” he was met with a hot slap and told mimi huwa nakukanya na huwa hauski. Shikilia ukuta ghasia.

Seconds later
They were both lying in city morgue wamekulishwa Pamba banae.

May they RIP

Rashid apewe promotion sasa

Good job

Two idiots in hell

Streets slightly safe

Wacha wauawe stupid thugs

i saw boniface mwangi anawatetea. He has just found his new money making machine. Wazunu watamrushia pesa ashangae

Hawa maboyz huwa warned bt never listen. Reggae Shout outs wakiwa club ndio huwa ina wachocha

I hope to see the Kasarani thieves who shot that guy 7 times dead like this.


Lives must be respected whether a thug or not.

I have two gun shot wounds by boys who were barely in their twenties, skinny as fuack and if it was not for the gun I would have single handedly beaten all three to a pulp.
I never feel any mercy when such thugs get downed.
Those who defend them acha siku moja wakupate kwa nyumba ndio utajua hujui.
They will rob, steal, beat you and then rape all females in your house as you watch with a gun held to your head.

Crime is bad and should be avoided at all cost.Vijana wawache petty crime,otherwise noone goes to grave and come back to explain to the rest how it was.Akienda ameenda.Young as they are.
My only question is whether the govt is aware of what that Rashid guy does, as in has the authorities given him the green light to eliminate life.

I hope thw cops never kill a mistaken identity,that would be my only fear

Shiet! Don’t tell me that’s what happened

No, that was just an example of what they can do.
At the time they shot me I was single and it was early in the morning outside on the road at around 7am as I left for work.

Did u resist or hesitate? Why did they just shoot you ?

Funny thing is that the death of these teens gives others hopes. Huwa nkama hawaogopi kifo tena. I heard that these two knew watamadwa

Wauawe .

But flying squad wakishika ule wa south b Ali spray boy wetu , wamkate joints moja moja mpaka a bleed to death

Codeine in their veins makes them rabid dogs.

We need a Kenyan version of Dexter. But wakumaliza hawa wezi.

Tangu wani slap na panga kwa mgongo kama 54 hot panga slaps, nikajua maisha ni fupi.

Hesy siku hizi anaoperatia wapi? Ile group ya Dandora love people ilienda wapi? Na kayole crime free huko zukabagga…

Nani huyo aliuliwa south B?