Way to go.

I saw this one coming many moons ago.

Muthamaki must fall.
Kikuyu mafia better start feeling the heat. It will explode.

A conglomerate of goons who will impress the gunia voters to the top seat…unless raia wagutuke


@Sambamba , mbukusu @uwesmake anakuomba kuma. Mpe haki yake.

Sioni ikiwork…who will agree to deputize the other? RAO has been promising coalition partners that he will go for one term halafu awaachie second term since 2007.

I don’t see this alliance seeing the light of day. First and foremost, who amongst the two will be the flag bearer? Secondly, Ruto knows that should he team up with Baba he can as well kiss the Mt. Kenya vote (and the Presidency) goodbye. He has spent too much time and money wooing the region to let it go. Another thing, Ruto can’t afford not to run because doing so will raise Gideon’s stock in the Rift. Baba on the other hand is on his proverbial last bullet. He has to be on the ballot liwe liwalo. His supporters were excited about a possible anointing from Uhuru which seems far fetched with every passing minute. He has to appease them by running.
What is the best course of action for the two?
For Ruto, he has to keep on doing what he knows best. Buying political support. It has brought him this far and possibly may take him all the way to State House. He stands to lose from any political dalliance with Baba. They are too alike to co-exist without friction. For Raila. the only way out of this political quagmire is to secure Uhuru’s backing. Any attempt to go at it alone will end in premium tears.
Uhuru on the other hand has managed to keep both foe and friend guessing. He is still the man of the moment which is quite commendable considering his term is on the home stretch.
My crystal ball tells me that Uhuru is going to force Baba into accepting the PM position in exchange for his support for Kalonzo or Mudavadi. The mystery that is BBI now makes sense. Doesn’t it?
Mark my words, one of these two (Kalonzo or Mudavadi) shall be Kenya’s next President.

(Harambeeee. NYAYO!)

FYI fellas, the constitution bars Ruto from seeking the deputy president office for a third term

Bunch of clowns. Politics is confusion.

This .KE politics vibe it’s all about wait and see. Things will unravel in no time but the thing is the “Mboys” Kibicho, Murathe and Co. showed their intent too early in the game. Anyway!