Rapper Fabolous in Kenya

Nimeona concert ni 5k to 10k
Middle class na wannabes watakamuliwa properly


Tunajua utakua hapo Kwa gate ukipiga Kila mtu ngeta

Retirees huja kenya


Promoters wame scout for washed up artists na bidii sana… M


Heri wangeleta 50 cent ama NAS

We only seem to get has-beens who are way past their prime/ heydays and who are only interested in a very dull concert experience in Vumbistan coz they really need that child support money, considering their dwindling fortunes back in the West.

I’d be interested to see the financials for these local concert promoters who bring sijui Boyz II Men, Erykah Badu, Rick Ross etc. I suspect they just break even at most. Part of the break-even is heavily supported by the corporate sponsorships. That cool kid crowd in those concerts also tends to be miniscule. Ole wako kama pia kuna mvua ama njeve, like now.

I’ll be impressed when we can get current A-listers performing here.


Curious who ever performed in vumbistan…at his/her prime? Diamond at Ojinga farewell na some Naija ogas is all I can think of…and Diamond lost his lusture

Nas is busy with his new album. 50 is busy with his last tour. Plus no one can afford their showing up fee

Hii upus ya kupeana flowers started with baba Moi and it seems it will never stop. Funny i have holla back yougn by him as my ringtone… he had a string of hits.


There are very few concerts in Kenya that break even off of gate entry fees. 99% of concerts need corporate sponsors to be profitable. Either there are people overcharging across the supply chain, or Kenyans are just not that into concerts

His first album was dope 22 yrs ago

Sawa Sawa HIP HOP iko chonjo

Tamaa ndio mingi. The people who attend these concerts are basically the same crowd. Back then these promoters would unite and bring one solid act and it paid very well. Case in point, sean paul alikuja when he was a hit worlwide then. They made good money. Stories za hiyo concert hupigwa hadi leo watu waki reminisce. Concerts were like two in a year.

Now the upcoming promoters wameamua kudrive solo, thats why like every month there is a concert somewhere. Mara sijui Rema, ayra star blablabla, most of them one hit wonders. Its now chocking. You cant be attending concerts every month @5k ata kama uko na pesa. Half of the crowd wameingia bure kuonesha vile ilijaa, making them lose their lackluster.

Afadhali uende tu 1824, loft , quiver and such clubs filled with ratchets, you are guranteed to have more fun than attending these shitty concerts za siku hizi.


The guy is actually talented.

The way he compose his music ,beats na videos
Huwa well put together.

This was the last fav track from him.

Loso’s fortunes are dwindling? These “washed up” artists collect royalties from different avenues. A random rapper like Kool Keith collects checks by appearing on some stupid mixtape for a feature, and the nigs will pay whatever he asks them because of the high regard they hold him to.

Just because they ain’t on the limelight more unlike before it means they are unpaid. Yuwes is yues for a reason, sio kama industry yakina Octo, peanut rap industry. That ata Safcom inaona UGUMU kulipa Bamboo 4m for copyright infringement.
Vumbistan issa joke in every sector except athletics.

Lost boyz coolio though promoter alisema ilikuwa hasara tupu.

I prefer this era

Best time is this… When Roscoe hit the scene andcwas on almost every hook

When’s the last time Loso had a big single or album, on the level he was at from '01 to '09? When’s the last time he actually released a solo album? Do you even remember that 2014 album, despite how solid it was? Yes, he will still eat as a legacy artist but it is not at the same level or rate as 15-20 years ago. This is a guy who at some point was even considered the next Jay Z, but the buzz ‘cooled off,’ especially with the emergence of a new generation like Drake and especially Big Sean. Everything explained well in this clip;

Interesting take, that video. But you kinda contradicting by saying a solid album being forgettable, those two words juxtapose each other. Anyway he had the right ingredients but perhaps not a rabid enough fanbase. I’m sure 100% he has more pop appeal than Curren$y but guess what, currensy is a similar age rapper but hasn’t been washed up. And never will, however underground he is, unless he retires.

I’m chuckling at how the bitch taking the video of his landing is excitedly star-struck