Kenya is becoming a scary place


Some stories shouldn’t be told.

They should. We need to know what the people of this world are capable of so that we can be careful. Tusizalie wanaume hawatujali. Tusi keep ties na wazazi hawatujali na tusiamini marafiki na pesa zetu. No hitch hiking. Avoid police and many other lessons we need to learn especially we sheltered people who think the world is a safe place.

Si huyu ni yule mama that was talked into running away from her husband by a neighbor?

Bwana sio Mungu ati ukimuacha umeasi Mungu. Enyewe men can turn your life into pure hell. Thanks God kuniepusha na maovu in trousers. Where’s the video? The story is number 1 on trending videos. This week nimewatch story zingine nikajua kweli binadamu especially men wamekua saitan. I am still debating whether to bring the stories coz they are worse.

This is part 2

Those who get it

Just finished watching. It’s so sad.

This one is beyond shocking.

If you think this is shocking go to TZ YT channels like Davister Mata and listen to confessions of wizards who got saved. I have been watching the latest interview this week and I want to go re-watch because I still can’t believe what I heard. You will fear going to Tanzania.

This story has very many layers. It shows how as a society we fail GBV victims. In some countries they are safe houses and rescue centers for victims by government and charities. They are also toll free call numbers and gender desks at the police station with trained police and counselors.

Lynn did a great job giving this victim time to tell her full story and rebut the blogger‘s posts that tend to focus on the sensatIonal aspects and paint the victim as a villIan.

GBV helpline is 0800 000 999

Clearly this woman has lived a rough life all her life, from the beginning. Choices indeed have consequences… Pole kwake though!

I have to go there sometime. I’m only concerned about violent criminals, I don’t fear witches.

When you hear this you will.

This is too sad, Oh My God!!! Why didnt she just get into any good households (ama church) and ask for help. Her case was genuine

I think she was deeply traumatised after the family acted indifferent. Family is usually the last refuge when life seems impossible

Why do you look for these sad videos? What’s your day like? Dont you develop negative thoughts, feelings and energy?