Rape in the military

Why women should not enlist in the army or navy. Dangerous careers should be left to men, they have lower life expectancy anyway so women should leave dangerous jobs to men.


Makena why are u barren? Leo fungua roho bila kuandika insha mrefu mrefu pris

Gender equity. All who can and want to serve their country should.

Women and men can never be equal… We should always discuss equal rights but not equality… This is just one example proving this theory

Do you need the diagram of equity vs Equality? If a man is 4 times stronger than a man then enlisting women in the army is basically like enlisting a physically handicapped person to fight with an able bodied person. You can talk about Equality if they have the same strength, all have periods, all get pregnant, all give birth. Etc. Here it’s equity bcz of the physical difference.

Its retarded, to keep using Equality as a retort when men are found guilty of abusing their power and physical strength to abuse women, children, animals and even other men. Yes. Men are raped in the military too and it’s kept hush. What are we going to do about men and sexual abuse and physical violence? We may have to avoid men altogether bcz everywhere men go and are the majority there’s ALWAYS these problems. UN peace keeping troops rape women and children everywhere in the world they’re stationed. We are just lucky we have the means and environment to protect ourselves otherwise everyone especially women would be a rape victim continually. Something is wrong with men. Seriously wrong. Their nature is just too diabolic. Especially anything to do with sex has to be perverted and humiliating and by force. They do not respect women. They won’t even let kids grow up innocent. It’s terrible and when I see men on here defend this kind of thing, I thank God everyday I don’t have to deal with you people other than on a need basis. My interactions are severely limited and it’s on purpose to protect myself as a woman. I won’t even go into a lift or a stairwell if a man is there alone is how careful I am around you people. I keep knives where I can’t carry a real weapon you know just incase, I will just stab in the jugular and watch a man bleed to death, after he’s dead I will look for Cliff Ombeta later. If you are dealing with evil that wants to take something you don’t want to give and you don’t have the physical strength, don’t use pepper spray bcz they will live and go assault another woman. Killing is the only solution. Don’t go out until the man is completely dead bcz that’s the only way to get rid of the demons inside him. The law allows killing for self defense. For me that’s my strategy and luckily all it takes is a very sharp knife and good aim at the jugular in 5 minutes or less he will have bleed out to death. And it’s good riddance to a rapist. I still never understand why there’s no death sentence for rape. But hey, knives and guns do the trick too. Instant justice.



Even men are not safe imagine


Jojina, let me leave this one here. Maybe you have heard of his death already.


I know the American ones. Right now I’m on a series on the Long Island Serial killer. He was killing prostitutes in NY and he’s still at large. Lemme check this out.

Even twins are not equal. What we advocate is equity. EQUITY. Like the bank. There’s a difference between Equity and Equality. Just Google. And I agree. The day a man can have a period for me, I will pay the bills. Long as I am the one doing the perioding Alone. I’m not helping with the heavy lifting.

The Misogyny displayed by the police them years is what gets me:mad:. I am sad that he died so early. He should have suffered in jail till 100yrs plus.

Death sentence is the best punishment for these rapists. These thugs act tough till you put them in the execution chamber. They turn into children and start crying.

Kuja unipe ball if you are so concerned. I’m still ovulating but you have to swear an affidavit to support the child and provide proof of a regular income otherwise I will auction the child online. I will not be a mule for any man even a gey for pay like you. Can you still get an erection if you are not being fucked in the ass by Arabs? Now that we are fungua ring maroho?

Yep. But it is not meted out in the UK. Kwanza Sutcliffe declined treatment for Corona, how dare???. It should have been enforced so that he continues to suffer in solitary confinement.
There is a new rapist in Southampton…raped a 17 year old girl at 10 am…Taimagini. Yesterday I think. Hope he is caught soon before he destroys more lives.
Hata nimeenda:mad:direct translation from Kyuk nindathie to mean gone in anger.

He was 74. He was tired of the drudgery of prison life. I’ve seen it in one of my true crime FB groups. You should watch death row. Very interesting how soft hardened criminals become in the face of death. Watch Death Row by Werner Herzog.

I and others wanted him to continue feeling the pain in prison- solitary confinement. Death row might be a bit much for me, so will pass for now.