Rao should keep quiet

mimi hapo kwa server ndio ananitoanga kwa safari kwanza akianza story za jaba kuhusu server…akistick to cost of living ako na upper hand against JSK

Yes. He should in fact allow this bill to be passed. Siku ya voting anafaa aambie watu wake waboycott kuenda parliament ndio UDA aajitie kitanzi… Let the taxes come so that people learn that voting for people just based on their tribes and not the fundamentals is wrong. Sasa watu wanapigia jambas wakijua vizuri who he is should face the consequences of their choice…

Raila anaangalia interest yake not ya common mwananchi, the day ruto atampea handshake atanyamaza permanently hata unga ifike 1000.
Tbh pia i understand why he is doing that,kenyans hawafai kusaidiwa, if they are given a chance to vote again today, 90% of today elected officials will be reelected again

nonsense tuko nyuma ya RAO kwa streets na pia 2027 asimame for president

Why does Ojinga even run for president of 254…he claims secession…says every election ni bandia…disrespects supreme court…and is actually a terrorist with maandamano…254 has suffered enough from Ojinga…

2027…can we have a peaceful election without Ojinga…for once…please

Raila is a classic opportunists. Rides with whichever wave that favors him.

Even Gaucho, Field Marshall of Maandamano has had enough of Amollo’s treachery…

Vijana wako Industrial Area remand na Kamiti and nobody cares…


I thought wale Wako Jela juu ya Ojinga is more…tragic choice to make

Shida kubwa ya Baba, ni mdomo. Kunyamaza hawezi.

I know many Luo niggas will not agree but that is the absolute truth.