Rao should keep quiet

Railas advisors should advice him to slow down for a moment and let the people themselves fight against the government. He doesn’t need to ask his people to take to the streets coz each time he does this, it’s mostly Luos who join him and it just enhances tribalism. Halafu akishindwa analia oh Mt Kenya hawakumpigia kura…

He should let all these organizations that are currently against the government including Mungich to rally against it. And then when it is time to campaign he should come up with a manifesto to reverse the current taxes or something like that.

Sasa mara cessesion, mara maandamano… it’s not going to work that way…

He should keep off kabisa let the resistance be organic once he steps in he becomes the boogey man and the government gets breathing space.

This is it…

Akinyamaza pesa ya donors towards his ‘fight for democracy’ atatoa wapi? These people are working hawako hapo kupigania bei ya unga. Most of them have never stepped in a shop or mall to buy a food item since 1990s.

The poster is right. Let the resistance be organic so that for once, neither Ichungwa nor gachagua will flap their gums facing west.

Raila should lie low for now and ride the crest of resistance when the time is ripe.

Then he should as well prepare to lose the next elections because he is not a uniting force… Kazi ni kuforce issues…

Pesa yake inaingia… probably more when he loses.

I really hope he does not run let him back even Kalonzo bana

Exactly. Ata Mimi the moment I see that selfish violent mganga anywhere, I cannot support regardless coz his is a selfish fight for power. That he overthrew his own father is telling

Hehehe. Afyer failed kehee maandamano youbare now hoping and praying miracles spread like farts in a closed room and kehee just wakes up and finds people installed him as president. :smiley: :smiley: do you know the extent of your delusions???

Hapa nawaunga mkono Wadau.
RAO should face reality and pass the baton to a younger vibrant individual. (Not Kalonzo).
But I don’t see that happening soon.

He should keep quiet now if he expects to have a fighting chance in the next elections. Let the people choose him… He should not force himself upon the people… Of course, he can keep complaining about the current government but these maandamano and secession things are a wrong strategy…

Being raila is hard, akinyamaza wanasema amelipwa, akiongea inasemekana ni power hungry individual.
Nawaunga mkono, rao should keep off.

i’ve no problem with the high-cost of living. Let it escalate to the point people will think twice before voting along tribal lines.

hapo ngumu huoni watu wa ingo bado wanatukanwa wasipo eka mayai yao kwa ndoo moja

watu wa ingo ndio? I don’t understand hii jargon

wa luhya

Ojinga is an attention grabbing whore…even in hell if there was one…the devil would be in trouble of maandamano…:D…ati shetani afungue server ama Ojinga a secede…

Konyagi has started on a similar path…which might be tragic as he doesn’t have the luxury of a hoard of idiots like Ojinga

…JSKS…might be running against strong winds…and he may be surprised by a new entrant tho…a dynasty implant

Raila huwa na shida 24/7
Between 2013-2017 he was exposing scandals in government ( Eurobond, SGR, NYS) but during 2017 campaigns Uhuru convinced thurakus that he didn’t deliver because of Raila’s opposition

2018-2022 nigga changes tact and does handshake with government. But tugeges still blamed for not playing his role as the opposition leader and the high cost of living

My take is let Raila call for maandamano ya cost of living and corruption. Because without him ile kurambwa mutarambwa itakuwa hali ya juu. But he should drop mambo ya server. Come 2027, he should hand over to young people.

In conclusion, I support the finance bill 100%.

Unajua you will con people