Rao must be dealt with, serikali iko imara

The government of his excellency president Dr William Samoei Ruto is ready to deal na mzee wakitendawili. This Time will be a finisher, hatuwezi sumbuliwa kila saa na maandamano .Biashara tunafunga kwa sababu ya mtu moja, ruto will not allow that.


Security officers have been deployed to areas surrounding State House in Nairobi and Kisumu in what seems to be a precaution against likely protests on Thursday by the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition.

In Nairobi, at least two security officers were sent to guard roadblocks erected on several routes, including State House Road and the route between Kenya Comfort Suites and Ralph Bunche Road.
Another team of two was stationed at State House Gate C, which is often left unguarded, to control traffic

Another roadblock was erected on Processional Way, with a police car strategically placed at the junction with State House Road. Yet another blockade was at Crawford Business Park and Statehouse Girls, with six officers guarding it.

Jsks ni mwoga namna gani? Anaweza tolewa na recho ndethe kama gbagbo

RAILA is not the problem. The sky rocketing cost of leaving is the problem. If the cost was down they would have nothing to andamana about.

Ojinga apipinywe…the idiot thinks yeye ni Kenya…nilicheka jana akitisha ati ataorder Omosh apite na DCI…while crying…mwenda wazimu mmoja haiwezi simamisha inchi…kung’oa reli na bloodshed ya ng’ombe zake ndiyo anawesa order…ningekuwa gsu angetambua serikali nikimpata vurugu…we are a country of laws not vagabonds…

akule rungu mbili ajikojolee atulie if he is man enaff to raid state house…254 is tired of this domestic terrorist…violence always… bloodshed kutoka 07 back to 84…tumechoka…JSKS prease…pipinya hii domestic terrorist na usisahau wenzake…

They say nyoka inamariswa kwa kichwa…JSKS alenge ng’ombe akanyange hii sumbua one touch…make it very painful yet not lethal…it is so ordered

Rao hapatiani room to work, kila saa ni kelele tu. But if you had a degree ungejua tu he’s the biggest problem we have in Kenya.
Cost of leaving , sio shida, you look for the cheapest vendor to help you leave.

You are a disgrace to the Village Elders Fraternity. I believe you did a housewife course. Cheapest Vendor? In this economy?
You MUST be a living proof that manure can learn to walk and TALK.

I want to leave Kenya, but the cost of leaving is very high.

mimi + @10000 OTHERS tume left ii thread buana



Kwani Raila is physically standing in their offices preventing them from working? They have enough time for travelling, rallies and stealing lakini hawawezi leta maendeleo. This mode of thinking ni ya kishenzi kabisa.

Was wondering the same. Huyu msee ni matako ya kuku.


Raila is threatening 07 violence which he started and did personally…254 ain’t boarding again…atakuwa na ng’ombe mbili tatu…and he will go home Incase of no bloodshed…

He will then issue more ultimatums…but kama terrorist he is…he waits for violence…which is becoming clear he wants on himself…state assisted suicide…is his wish na hapati…atapipinywa tu…great citizens grant him pain…great pain

Rao ni opportunistic lakini haidhuru lazima nairobi tuchafue na hiyo siku nikipata mwanaharamu mtoto wa malaya kuma la msenge @horus07 i will make sure nimemtomba matako

I have a feeling tomorrow will be very anticlimactic. Barely noticeable. A fart in the wind. Don’t quote me though

Rao will be a weak lone ranger very soon. Unclean ODM Vimbelembeles in that protests watafinywa one by one hadi watii.



Political Science 101: Never underestimate Agwambo.