Rao launches a posho mill

Baba is really turning to a Joker!! Yaani he is going to launch a posho mill in Homa Bay … Kwanza ile ndogo… Yaani Oregorego matin!! Na kina Velma Kadiori are overjoyed mpaka Leo hawata toa viatu…

PTHOO!! Hawa watu wa baba wame shinda macho yangu!!

Kagege kwenda panga laini upewe unga uwuache upus. And tell baba akuletee mfuko mbili ya unga usikufe na njaa.



Baba anafanya kazi buana.







It’s tough being Raila, if he doesn’t go to launch something in his backyard then he’s an agent of poverty.
If he launches something, however small, he’s a joker.
If he keeps quiet, he’s finished.
If he talks, he’s asked to keep quiet.

Such a tough job.

HI Circledot umepokea mfuko wako wa 2kg wa unga ya msaada kutoka serikali?
Idiot thuraku

Ukiona imefika point mtu anapanga line 8hrs apewe 2kg unga na skari 250gms na ako busy ati “Kenya ni yetu!”


Meanwhile …
The 100 day marker is soon coming up … :D:D:D


Meanwhile, your president is busy re-launching Uhuru’s project, while his deputy is still staring at the empty coffers left by Uhuru. And here you are, instead of getting fucked you are jumping between ktalk and klist like a Malaya seeing the dawn of the day without making a coin. Get a life, bitch.

Azimio had nothing, nil promises, at least wsr will be held to account

BABA is not the President …
The two hustlers YOU voted for have now got to deliver on their wild promises …

It will not be easy for them …
We are Watching, Listening and Waiting …
This is going to be Fun … :D:D

While baba is lauching maize flour industries, hao wengine are in churches praying for rain and food. Kenyans elected the wrong people.