rant ..wanted to create another handle but I dnt care

They say what you dnt know doesn’t hurt you it’s very true …My Day started well ,till I started going through past info then came to realize ,that the reason someone did a ghosty on me was because I was apparently cheating …i think I got the memo late. Coz this man I hve been loyal to for yrs …if there was any dilly dallying it was on his side .
I won’t talk much …coz you know ur self , but I swear being a grnd daughter of a real dreadlocked mau mau on one side n a Maasai warrior on the other side.if we were to collide right now ,I would take that Conan sword n slash those guns…ama just bite you …knowing how proud n arrogant you are …hii ingekuwa midget war… ,ama damu imwagike kiasi
Milima ndio haipatani thou!!one day one time
Thnk you nimemaliza …over n out

Lala sasa. Sirry


Hehe… I dont believe your side of the story. But it doesn’t matter too.

Accept ulicheza away match na ikakukosti. That past is long way gone. Stabilize building your future daughter.
Stop your rants na uendelee na life. Stay Valen to enjoy Valentine

Huyo ni talker mgani ni ghost? When did dilly dallying become an excuse for cheating juu sijaona hio memo.


Now that you’re single…

Wacha tungoje siku iishe kwanza

How long ago


Hehe…ati got the memo late

Hii hekaya/rant haina kichwa wala mkia.

Thou shall not invoke the name of the Mau Mau in vain. Na pinkies mna feelings sana, kwani your guys have stood you up for valentine’s?

Pole sana.

We are emotionL beings, nashorarry , si hivo ndio psychologist husema

Teren teren.

Look who showed up on V day. How have you been?

I have been okay. Mbona hampatii pinkies shocolate as a sign of appreciation for staying around despite the bullying

Niko na shocolate na si unajua ni ya nani?

Hii dorattitude inahitaji tu HKM, utagwesana na mono-bollic state yago