Rant: unnecessary information that is asked often

I have been doing a lot of form filling both soft and hard copies and there are some fields which i think are really irrelevant in this part of the world. Address for instance, utapata mtu anaishi kayole plot sijui iko wapi na anaulizwa address, further more mtu hana post office box, what do guys normally fill in these fields, alafu unapata eti ni mandatory. Utaona wengine wanaitisha zip code, sasa hio mtu hutoa wapi. Most of this information would not be useful in a case where the individual needs to be tracked down, the addressing system in this country doesn’t work, further more people tend to shift often and the postal system is non functional sio kama zile za USA zenye mail box is at your house.

Summary: Some fields should not be included when filling forms.

Ukitaka waks kwa muindi ni sharti ufwate maagizo kwenye form

Kenya is never short of creative people.

Huyu anakaa ule midget wa Berndora

The info is relevant, you just happen to not have the required data. I agree with you , the only thing that can be useful is postal address. Home address for the Kenyan setup is not logical unless you live in areas like Karen and leafy suburbs or in apartments . We are very disorderly when it comes to this address issue, and it gets worse if you are on or around the poverty line.

hekaya za jela za waarabu ikuje

KYM atasema a gentleman doesnt kiss and tell @kush yule mnono

wewe nguruwe nono chunga vile unanitaja taja ghasia takataka meffi

I hear they are in the process of mapping out the country. Soon we may be able to fill all details in that form… hopefully.

Nilikuwa nafikiria unasema Kate Yule Mweupe…hehe… Where did that kunguru go ama ni multihandler huku?

nguruwe chunga sanaa vile unataja midget wa berndora midget wa Berndora

naona ume apply ile visa lottery ya USA

I just wonder how that will happen when their are no building codes being followed .

It’s not that hard.
For example Bildad Kaggias former home in Jericho can be written as:
Block number AB6
House number 5890
Jericho Housing Estate
Nairobi, Kenya

Mimi yenye huniudhi ni fax.
Lazima nijaze form ka kumi online za job na hio field imewekwa * ati lazima ujaze.

Methinks Mposta launched an easy way to use yoir phone number as address.

The old set up before everything got disorganized.

Kama watu wa jiji mko na shida kujaza hizo forms… watu wa gichagi je??
[SIZE=1]pale kila mtu anajaza P. O. Box ya shule iko karibu tu ama ya chief[/SIZE]


Sikuokota sabuni kama hio ndo unangoja kusikhia khasia

Coz there’s nutting to tell

Chokoste kubali hio story ifungwe