Range Rover Is Just An Expensive Name. Land Cruisers VX-R, VX-S, V8 Far Much Outperforms ANY Range Rover

Range Rovers are just overatted cars due to their continued endorsement by Her Majesty the Queen. Costly for NOTHING.


Great. I was planning to buy the Range rover but your valuable info has made me change my mind. I will now go for the Toyota V8.

I love Landcruisers, I think they are the best cars on the planet. But to shit on the Range Rover is just plain silly. If you’ve sat in both cabins you know the level of comfort and luxury is not even remotely comparable. They have different target markets. Range Rovers are for Royalty, presidents and diplomats. Landcruisers are for practical people who love to or have to endure difficult terrain. The Range Rover I’d even say is a better off roader, just not as reliable… and well, the people who buy Range Rovers are not likely to take it off-road anyway.

Comfort YES Range Rover WINS
Performance & Reliability Landcruiser TOPS

Not just comfort. Even the driving experience. Make no mistake, compared to other SUVs the Landcruisers drive very well and offer a refined experience. But once you’ve been behind the wheel of a Range Rover Sport you realise the Landcruisers drive like the illegitimate child of a tractor and an unresponsive boat.

Rangerover and their provincial cousin landrover are shit cars with great marketing ( that goes for alot of european cars) , you wonder why they add complicated features when they can’t get the basics right !

this is just the 1st vid doug posted on the repairs he went through ,luckily he had a bunper to bumper warranty . The next vid is Dad and son reviews for the new Land Rover ! they had to send back 2 brand new landrovers because of shit our of the box issues !
Even Aussies who know a thing or 2 on off raoding have a saying" if you want to go into the desert drive a range rover, if you want to get out of the desert drive a toyota "



j76/79 mambo yote banae

Hmmm even Defender 110 ‘puma’ is a shit car . Isokay. Alafu Rangerover is a sub-brand of Land Rover …not the other way round.

Google is your friend ! just google Defender 110 ‘puma’ reliability then come back and comment , Do they look great yes ! would I choose it over a toyota if I was to go on an offroad adventure ? Hell no !

Even the taliban, isis and alshabbab will tell you about toyotas reliability !

Range Rovers have terrible Electrical problems. I’ve said it many times Ranges are only good for the first 50K KMs anything after that is just junk. Land cruisers on the other hand will easily do 300K KMs before engine overhaul.
Toyota is king of reliability.

Range Rover is garbage just like iPhone

If someone offered me a choice between the two right now I’d take a Landcruiser v8. It’s the best car ever made. But if I was filthy rich and didn’t care squat about money. I’d have a Range Rover Sport HSE to drive myself. A Range Rover SVAutobiography AND a LWB Autobiography to be chauffeured around in. Well, i’d also have a Tesla Roadster in my holiday home in Germany to jet around the Autobahns at 2am. Not sure if I’d need a Landcruiser at all. What for when I have a Bell 505 hangared in my back yard to take me above any hostile Terrain?

The two cars serve different purposes. In a city like Nairobi full of landcruisers, a Range Rover will do the trick as a status symbol. It is ideal for city driving and special functions. The landcruiser is ideal for long distance travel especially offroad. Overall, both are good cars. In a poor country like Kenya, the landcruiser offers more value for money because it will do the functions of a Range Rover (status symbol) 90% of the time. The additional utility of owning a range rover in Kenya is negligible. I’d have to be a billionaire to consider buying a Range Rover in Kenya. The true benefits of a Range Rover would be experienced in a country where Landcruisers are the common man’s car e.g Gulf countries.

iPhones are way more durable than most Android phones. Leave them out of this, keep it cars.

Really, you think the main utility of a Range is as a status symbol? That you just buy it to show you have more money than the Landcruiser buyer? I’m sorry but this post tells us more about your thought process than about a Range Rover. If someone can afford both and test drove both, the difference in drive experience is not even close. If we compare like for like the highest spec, most powerful Landcruise (5.7 l v8) with the highest spec Range most powerful (5.0 l v8) you will realise why one is 2 times more expensive than the other.
The Range Rover engine is more efficient and thus more powerful (518 hp vs 381 hp) despite the lower displacement (5.0 l vs 5.7 l). This means you get more power despite using less fuel. Because of the excess power you also get optimized refinement and driver engagement. You will feel the difference when driving both. Moving from one to the other, you will feel the same sort of frustration one feels when driving an underpowered SUV, like why isn’t this thing responding like it should. Which is insane when you consider how great the driving experience of a Landcruiser V8 is compared to other SUVs. I saw in the YouTube video the OP linked one commenter noted that compared to the refinement of the Range the Landcruiser feels “agricultural”. I agree with that comment.
The Range offers noticeably more headroom, noticeably more legroom (doesn’t matter much if you are short). It has better wheel articulation. Plus anyone can drive a Range off-road cause you can set it to automatically select the terrain response for you with just the touch of a button. If you go off road with a Landcruiser and you are clueless about how to drive off-road, you may suffer.
The Range Rover has massage seats! And if you like gimmicky stuff, you have the option of a refrigerated center console.

I’m not shitting on Landcruisers… but to say that the additional utility of owning a Range Rover is negligible is… ignorant at best.

I’m sorry but the Landcruiser is like Derrick Lewis (agricultural) while the Range Rover is like Cyril Gane (suave, refined). Both are Heavyweights, but when they get into the ring for a face off, the difference in class is astronomical.

I’d still choose the Landcruiser over the Range Rover any day of the week. Unless you give me 2 Range Rovers and a lifetime warranty.

A status symbol is a luxury item. I don’t remember saying anywhere that the driving experience is similar. You need comprehension lessons because you didn’t understand a single word in my comment.

Wee tushakuzoea, always giving your opinion even where it is not adding any value to the conversation.

Astonishing ignorance delivered with the usual touch of know it all.

I have driven both vehicles so I know what I’m talking about. Wewe shinda hapo na theories za kaka sungura. A range rover is more luxurious to drive in, and turns more heads. However, that additional benefit over a landcruiser isn’t worth the extra money and maintenance costs. Do you need me to dumb it down for you further??

Unless you are extremely wealthy, keep off range rovers. Thank me later.

  1. You seem so concerned about turning heads and status symbol. Apparently to you it is more justifiable to buy a Range Rover in the Gulf States and not in Kenya because the Landcruiser is a common man’s car in the Gulf States and thus the Range will give you more status. Like I said, that says more about you than it says about the Range Rover.

  2. Fuck status, I couldn’t care less what the commoners think. If you can afford a Range (preferably two and maintenance is not an issue) then it’s definitely the superior car.

Thanks for that ground breaking insight. You added a lot of value to the conversation. If I have a Honda HR-V budget why would I go buying a Landcruiser v8? Obviously you buy what you can afford. If you can afford the Landcruiser v8, you get a superior experience to the HR-V buyer. And if you can afford the LWB Autobiography complete with a chauffeur, my brother, throw your money away, and enjoy the best experiences that money can buy you.

I don’t have time to argue with a moron who has probably never driven both of those vehicles.

Sawa know it all. Let me sit back and enjoy your “expert knowledge”. Keep entertaining us with your “informed” takes.

You are the same clown who when I corrected you that the social safety nets in place in Denmark ensure that a Danish employee of 4+ years can almost certainly never be “broke as a joke” you kept arguing on rather than accepting the correction and updating your silly argument. The other day (2016) the Swiss were offered a referrendum that every single Swiss Citizen should receive USD 2500 a month as basic income whether you work or not and 76 % of the population rejected the proposal at the referendum.
Even after posting the poverty rates in Denmark (0.2%) you still kept on arguing.
Wewe husaidiki. I’m sure if you could, you’d have tried to lie to us vile unajua cause you have lived there. You are such a clown.