Random Thursday


sisemi kitu.

same here


Bebi gal, umenimaada!

You calling @PsychoSA ,another assman,bebi gal? Cheeeesos



This here is the REAL deal…
A Full Weekend Meal…

Let’s all imagine it’s Wednesday 23:59…
Leteni content za RANDOM THIGHSDAY

Hiyo nywele is a turn off
cant touch dis

Huh! Nevermind

You never disappoint, unjani baba! SA has some of the most beautiful women on the continent

Something is really wrong with you …
You look at that , … and all you see is Hair …???

rexxsimba wacha kupotosha raiaa

I was singing to the girls.
Who is @PschoSA?


Straight male no ice…

https://kenyatalk.s3.amazonaws.com/2018/10/261791_33a50503da98fc52e33c8c1b2b07d8f0.jpghii iko na treads…hehehe

I’m not sure, but i suspect this is what is called hindsight

:D:D…hizo treads lazima ziwe ni LINGLONG tires.

Twelezee Kamili…
Je , … Wewe Waona Nini Hapo…???