Random Thoughts

Sorrow’s Bride.

And I’d gaze at her, Eve. clothed in the dawn light…and think- were ever I so lucky to look upon such injured beauty.
to be charged with her care.

Fate did surely bless me, to behold, her sorrowed smile.
And eyes washed by old tears, a vision…Oh summer moon,fighting against the beating rain.
Awed am I. This heart, ever so fragile. Held in place by blood and pain.
That passing breeze threaten to scatter it’s delicate shards.
Was mine to hold
not to fix or to save… to just hold
To watch over such tragic beauty…made the more lovely by ugliness endured.
Like a rose garden, ravaged in war.
Yet a single crimson heart, clinging to life amongst the bones…

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kwanza twambie kama it’s your own composition ndio tukupee like…

it is…
I ran out of steam midway

mawe zitupwe